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Big Brands Want Marketers Who Know AI, New Glassdoor Research Reveals

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There is a ton of speculation about how artificial intelligence will impact our jobs, but little on-the-ground data—until now.

Glassdoor, a job search portal, has data on millions of job postings. This data can tell us much about how AI is changing the employment landscape. Thankfully, Glassdoor breaks it all down in a new study that analyzes how companies are hiring for AI-related positions. To create the study, Glassdoor looked at AI-related positions, top companies hiring AI talent, popular metro areas for AI work, and payscales of these roles across millions of job listings.

The data might surprise you.

While developer jobs in Silicon Valley dominate this list, there are a number of top AI jobs in marketing and sales. This suggests marketers should start to understand how AI will transform their roles, if they want to capture lucrative professional opportunities for themselves and their businesses.

Below, we discuss what marketers and salespeople need to know about the study and its implications.

Top 15 AI Roles Listed on Glassdoor Include Marketing Positions

The top 15 AI roles on Glassdoor include titles such as AI Product Manager, AI Business Development Manager, and AI Technical Sales, all roles that could touch marketing and sales areas of expertise. However, these jobs comprise a fraction of the open AI roles on the platform with, predictably, software engineering, data science, and development roles dominating the list.

Yet the fact any non-engineering roles made the list at all is a testament to artificial intelligence’s ability to enhance and augment a variety of professions.

Some Surprising AI-Powered Marketing and Sales Roles Are Being Advertised

Beyond the top 15 list, there are some surprising AI roles that crop up.

There are AI Copywriters advertised, or professional writers who craft the copy used by customer service chatbots. There are Marketing Managers for AI Groups who build “awareness and a top-of-funnel customer base for companies offering AI technology as a product or service.” Technical Sales Directors and User Experience Designers for AI also made the list.

“Growing AI is giving rise to unexpected new roles in non-tech sectors,” says Glassdoor.

Top Paying AI Jobs Include a Marketing Role

Top paying roles in AI have one non-technical role, too. VP of AI Product Management is one of the most lucrative gigs, pulling in an estimated $249,000. It’s part of a larger trend, says Glassdoor.

“Most companies hiring AI talent today on Glassdoor are hiring for software engineers and data scientists. However, there are also many technical sales, business development, product management, UX design and other roles being created by today’s rising tide of AI in the workplace.”

The moral of the story? While AI might automate away some roles, it’s already starting to create new ones, even in non-technical domains like marketing and sales. Soon, we predict, marketing and sales roles will either explicitly require familiarity with AI or be unable to be accomplished without some type of AI. In either case, it’s time for marketers and salespeople to embrace this technology.

Who knows, it might just lead to your dream job.

The full Glassdoor report contains even more information on AI roles, who’s hiring for them, and where they’re located. Check it out here.

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