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ChatGPT, CICERO, and Why You’re Missing the Bigger AI Picture

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With all the buzz about ChatGPT, it’s easy to miss that Meta released AI that has big implications for businesses.

The model is called CICERO and it’s the first AI to play at a human level the game Diplomacy, a strategy game that requires building trust with, negotiating with, and coordinating with multiple players.

Now, CICERO on its own is a cool application of AI.

But it also highlights an important truth:

You can’t get distracted by only solving for specific tools like ChatGPT. You need to understand the bigger AI picture.

In Episode 33 of The Marketing AI Show, Marketing AI Institute founder/CEO Paul Roetzer talked to me about what that bigger picture is.

1. ChatGPT is just the beginning.

In recent months, Roetzer says he’s been getting a flood of calls and messages from business leaders who are frantically trying to solve for ChatGPT.

That’s all well and good, but it misses the point:

“If you’re only solving for ChatGPT and AI writing tools, you are missing the much larger picture,” says Roetzer.

There is a much bigger AI opportunity.

2. AI can reason strategically.

For years, major AI research labs have been working to give AI a deeper understanding of human language and reasoning.

CICERO is one example of what’s possible. It combines two different areas of AI—natural language processing and the ability to reason—to do far more than just write.

Within the rules of Diplomacy, CICERO can reason and strategize with regard to a player’s motivations. Then it can use natural language to communicate, reach agreements, achieve shared objectives, and form alliances.

These are skills that have far bigger implications than winning a board game.

3. And AI may even help you reason strategically in business.

The skills displayed by CICERO go way beyond Diplomacy. In theory, they could be applied to any type of business negotiation.

When you buy software or do M&A or fundraise or negotiate compensation, you’re negotiating between two or more parties with misaligned goals who want a mutually beneficial outcome.

Same as CICERO does in Diplomacy.

It’s completely possible within years or decades we will see AI like CICERO assist in negotiations, says Roetzer. AI could very well work with us directly to recommend negotiation actions and negotiate on our behalf.

But that’s just a prediction, and even the best AI researchers are bad at getting predictions right.

The real point is this:

“The impact and opportunity and threats of AI are so much greater than people realize,” says Roetzer. “You have to understand the true potential of what AI can do. You have to understand its limitations. You have to understand its dangers. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to truly comprehend the impact it’s going to have on your organization and your own career.”

Whether it’s CICERO or some other innovation, AI goes way beyond ChatGPT.

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