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How This Ad Agency Uses AI for 1-to-1 Personalization at Scale
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By: Emily Dowd

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January 25th, 2022

How This Ad Agency Uses AI for 1-to-1 Personalization at Scale

Tarik Sedky founded his full-service ad agency, Agency Pure, back in 2010.

Being marketers and advertisers themselves, Tarik and the Agency Pure team knew the importance of personalization in email marketing.

But it's not always easy or efficient to deliver the level of personalization that consumers expect at scale.

That's why Tarik and Agency Pure turned to AI in email marketing for help.

Tarik used an AI-powered tool called rasa.io to create deeper email engagement with clients and partners.

The tool uses AI to create a personalized email newsletter that is tailored to each individual recipient's content preferences. It even learns how to improve its content recommendations over time.

The result is higher open and click rates, and more engagement on every email.

According to Tarik, the way rasa.io's AI algorithm connects businesses with their audiences is “irresistible."

For his tight-knit network of clients, the customization capabilities of rasa.io proved invaluable.

Individualized emails

Agency Pure has a network of about 2,300 email addresses. rasa.io’s algorithm has the ability to analyze engagement data from each individual recipient to create the most effective email marketing strategy possible. 

The tool can pull a specific recipient’s open rate, click-through rate, and see source and topic trends (based on their clicks) all for one or many different newsletters.

It would be near impossible for Agency Pure to analyze such data piece-by-piece to determine which campaigns would be most effective, but our software does that automatically.

Based on the data collected, rasa.io creates emails that are relevant to each individual recipient. This type of undertaking would be entirely impractical for a team of people, let alone one data analyst, which was why Tarik was so happy with what the platform offers his team in terms of market research. 

Improving engagement

As a result of customization features embedded into the rasa.io software, Agency Pure has seen consistent improvement in its email marketing engagement. Tarik reports that his open rates and click-through rates continue to rise as the platform learns more about its recipients. 

In other words, as the rasa.io algorithm sends more emails, it collects more data about the wants and interests of email recipients.

This leads to better data analysis and overall improved engagement as behaviors are more easily categorized by the algorithm. The more data we’re able to compile over time, the more effective our algorithm will be on minute scales. 

Effects on client relations

As a smaller ad agency, Agency Pure is invested in maintaining excellent client relations. Rolling out a customized email marketing campaign with daily, weekly, or even monthly updates, depending on the needs of each recipient, provides the one-on-one attention that their clients are already expecting. 

rasa.io combines appropriate levels of engagement with relevant information to ensure that a business’s clients feel heard.

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About Emily Dowd

Emily Dowd is Marketing Coordinator at rasa.io, an AI-powered email tool that helps brands get more sales from their lists.

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