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How One Creator Gets 50%+ Email Open Rates Using AI

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Matt Moscana, the host of ESPN’s radio and television show “After Further Review," is a staple on everything there is to know about Louisiana football. His show airs on local radio stations, as well as on ESPN TV. 

Until recently, Matt has relied on ESPN marketing and his Twitter account to foster more authentic connections with his audience and generate interest for his radio show.

“I’m a huge believer in connectivity with your audience,” he says. But social alone wasn't going to cut it. Matt wanted to explore additional relationship-building channels—including email.

There was just one problem.

To Matt, email marketing always seemed oversaturated and out-of-date. If you manage to prevent your email blasts from going directly to spam, you’re still tasked with making them stand out from the noise of other daily messages from other companies.

That changed when he started using AI in email marketing, via AI-powered email tool rasa.io.

Customized Emails

rasa.io is an AI tool that learns behaviors from everyone in your contact list. When Matt delved into the world of email marketing strategy, he found that customized emails are significantly more effective than general text sent to the masses. 

For example, some of his audience only clicks on links that lead to Louisiana State University (LSU) domains while others respond well to different options. rasa.io analyzes the click-through data of his email recipients to determine which links should be sent to which people. Someone who frequently clicks on LSU links will primarily be sent LSU links. 

Someone who prefers to read articles from large publications like Sports Illustrated would primarily be sent links from Sports Illustrated. The rasa.io algorithm customizes email content based on the needs of each recipient. 

Customization can also be applied to email frequency and text length.

Some of Matt’s audience might only open one email per week—in this case, the rasa.io software would send fewer emails to those individuals to try and avoid annoying clutter.

Others might be New Orleans Pelicans fans who only view emails related to their favorite team, and the algorithm acts on these behaviors.

This level of customization would take Matt hours to complete on his own, but rasa.io does it automatically through analysis of marketing data. 

Analysis and Use of Organic Content

rasa.io also pulls the content Matt posts on social media to create email marketing data that’s consistent with audience interests.

The AI algorithm takes note of daily blasts on other marketing channels like Facebook and Twitter. From there, it consolidates an interesting daily/weekly/monthly email and utilizes the customization factors to get a higher open rate from recipients. Matt spends lots of time cultivating his social media brand, so he likes having that hard work amplified in his email campaigns. 

This aspect of rasa.io’s AI algorithm means that Matt has more time to focus on his show and his brand on social media. At the same time, his open rates are over 50%, so he’s able to carry out an effective multichannel marketing strategy. 

For Matt, rasa.io has taken a lot of the guesswork out of email marketing. He no longer needs to wonder whether his email approach is effective, or if his recipients are disinterested in his content. rasa.io answers all of these questions and more to ensure that engagement with his listeners is always on the nose of what they want to hear. 

It's just one more great case study of what happens when you use AI to do marketing smarter.

If you want to learn more about how rasa.io can improve email marketing, click below.

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