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Marketing AI Institute Founder Talks AI and MAICON on WKYC TV

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Marketing Artificial Intelligence Founder & CEO Paul Roetzer appeared on WKYC TV July 2 to talk all things MAICON (Marketing AI Conference) with Hollie Strano and Alexa Lee.

Did you know you're using artificial intelligence (AI) every single day?

It's true.

If you're using a smartphone, shopping online, or just asking Alexa the weather—you're using AI. For most of us, we're actually using AI more than 100 times a day.

Because of this, our lives are becoming significantly more personalized. From the shows on Netflix to the ads on Facebook, AI is being used by brands to predict exactly what we're looking for.

For marketers, whose jobs rely heavily on personalization, this means AI can become your competitive advantage.

Instead of replacing humans, it enhances knowledge and capabilities, giving you and your brand superpowers.

At Marketing AI Institute, we aim to make AI approachable and actionable for marketers.

One way we're doing this is at the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON). MAICON is designed to help marketing leaders truly understand AI, educate their teams, garner executive support, pilot priority AI uses cases, and develop a near-term strategy for successfully scaling AI.

Our Founder & CEO Paul Roetzer explains more in his interview with WKYC's Hollie Strano and Alexa Lee below. 

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