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How to Enable Better B2B Targeting With AI
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By: Paul Roetzer

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February 18th, 2020

How to Enable Better B2B Targeting With AI

B2B marketers often face a common challenge: Accurate targeting. Marketers rely on powerful lead generation methods to help them target future customers, but there's a pretty substantial obstacle in the way.

Most marketers aren't data scientists.

And truly great targeting requires a pretty substantial amount of data. 

That's where artificial intelligence company Versium saw a major problem, and developed a solution to help. The tool helps marketers identify, understand, and reach ideal prospects using trillions of data points, all powered by predictive machine learning models.

We sat down with Senior Digital Marketing Manager Michelle Michaels to learn more. 

In a single sentence or statement, describe your company.

Versium is a data technology company that operates a powerful B2B2C identity graph which fuels marketing tools and services.

How does your company use artificial intelligence in its products?

We build powerful custom predictive models for lead scoring and prospect generation.

Our automated predictive model builder incorporates our trillions of data attributes and machine learning to produce custom predictive models. Versium scores leads and builds customized prospect lists that are guaranteed to outperform “select-based” lists for digital marketing campaigns.

What are the primary marketing use cases for your AI-powered solutions?

Targeting the most ideal B2B prospects online with omni-channel digital marketing campaigns.

What makes your AI-powered solution smarter than traditional approaches and products?

Our B2B2C Identity Graph layers non-professional and business data to give a full view of your target customers, and a greater ability to find them online with paid social media and display campaigns.

Are there any minimum requirements for marketers to get value out of your AI-powered technology? (e.g. data, list size, etc.)

Minimum requirements are set by the advertising platforms where our customers will upload their custom audiences. For example, LinkedIn requires a minimum of 300 users in a list.

Who are your ideal customers in terms of company size and industries?

SMB B2B tech companies who are currently spending at least $10,000 in paid advertising per month.

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What do you see as the limitations of AI as it exists today?

Limitations in AI for marketing specifically come into play for small businesses who don't have millions of data points for machine learning to categorize.

If a data set is incomplete, small, or doesn't have enough relevant data points, AI cannot make accurate conclusions or models based on the data.

What do you see as the future potential of AI in marketing?

AI will completely take over predictive marketing, speeding up the process of creating predictive models and improving marketers' ability to target only their ideal prospects.

Any other thoughts on AI in marketing, or advice for marketers who are just starting with AI?

AI can be beneficial in nearly every aspect of marketing and can save you time and money. Find which areas of your business would benefit from automation and start there.

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