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How to Plan A Successful Marketing Campaign with Adobe's New AI

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Every year at Adobe Summit, the company hosts a segment on Sneaks, first glimpses at some of the latest technology they’ve been working on. This year, one of the sneak peek products Adobe revealed is Master Plan—an AI assisted marketing planner.

Using Adobe’s artificial intelligence engine Sensei, Master Plan intends to create a living, collaborative environment for teams to coordinate the planning and implementing of multi-channel marketing campaigns.

VentureBeat realizes the value marketers will get from this intelligent product.

“Master Plan solves a real-world problem that marketers face every day — how to plan a successful marketing campaign, what creative assets to use, how best to use them, and what marketing channels to leverage.”

In the on-stage demo of this product, an Adobe employee shows off the three sections of Master Plan, the brief, content, and activities.

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By analyzing historical data and combining it with organizational KPIs, Master Plan’s AI intelligently recommends campaign tags, audiences, and content assets.

For example, Sensei may recommend featuring teenager in ads over a Baby Boomer due to past performance and success metrics.

Within the activities tab, Master Plan’s AI can build out an entire calendar of suggested marketing projects such as emails, blog posts, social media messaging, display advertisements, and more.

It even automatically adjusts all of its recommendations to reflect changes in campaign budgets.

Again, this is all done through AI.

The more data on past campaign performance Master Plan can consume, the better it can map it to the organization’s current goals and KPIs and offer intelligent recommendations.

Overall, Master Plan will solve for many of the issues marketers’ deal with today.

Through the use of AI, this new tool will help marketers create marketing campaigns faster and more efficiently, freeing up time to focus on other areas of business.

Since it is not yet known when Master Plan will be released to the public, why not use this time to brush up on your understanding of artificial intelligence?

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