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Invest in Your Career with Marketing AI Certifications
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By: Mike Kaput

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May 5th, 2020

Invest in Your Career with Marketing AI Certifications

Are you ready to invest in your future?

Artificial intelligence is transforming the marketing industry as we know it. The technology is predicted to create trillions of dollars in disruptive business value, altering how marketers work and what jobs they do.

The marketers who understand how to pilot, implement, and scale AI can build massive competitive advantages at their companies and in their careers. And now is the perfect time to expand your skills and open new doors in your professional life.

As part of AI Academy for Marketers, the new online education platform from Marketing AI Institute, Members can advance their knowledge and capabilities through a formal Certification program.

Certification Courses are intensive and interactive deep dives into core marketing AI topics. The Courses run 3 - 5 hours on average, and include video lessons, quizzes and downloadable resources. Certificates are earned for 100% Course completion and a passing score on the final exam. 

The Academy site is now live and membership is available for purchase. There are five Certification Courses currently offered:

  • AI and Data for Beginners, with instructor Cal Al-Dhubaib, Managing Partner, Pandata 
  • AI for Content Marketing 101, with instructor Mike Kaput, Director, Marketing AI Institute
  • Intelligent Attribution Modeling for Marketers, with instructors Katie Robbert, CEO, Trust Insights; and Christopher S. Penn, Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer, Trust Insights 
  • Machine Learning 101 for Marketers, with instructor Jim Sterne, Co-Founder and Director Emeritus, Digital Analytics Association
  • The Intelligently Automated Agency, with instructors Paul Roetzer, Founder, Marketing AI Institute; and Jessica Miller, Managing Director, PR 20/20

Get access to all five Certification Courses (a $2,495 value) included with your annual Membership.

Visit the Certificates page for more details about each Certification. 

More Academy Membership Benefits 💯️

In addition to the Certification program, Members of AI Academy for Marketers will have access to all of the following benefits:

  • 25+ Courses organized by marketing categories.
  • Ongoing access to new Courses and Certificates as they go live each quarter.
  • Quick Take videos featuring simple answers to common AI questions and challenges.
  • Private Community access to the AI Academy for Marketers Slack Group.
  • Ask Me Anything Zoom sessions with Academy instructors.
  • Marketing AI Conference (MAICON) keynote videos featuring industry leaders.
  • AI Tech Showcase library featuring analyst-style briefings and product demos with leading marketing AI tech companies. 
  • Marketing AI Show Podcast library with audio and transcripts for each episode. 
  • Vendor discounts from select partners.
  • MAICON VIP pricing and experiences.
  • Dozens of additional resources, including: slide decks, templates, worksheets and quizzes.

Ready to start investing in your future?

Click here to learn more about AI Academy for Marketers.

Get the Beginner's Guide to AI in Marketing

About Mike Kaput

Mike Kaput is Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute.

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