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3 Ways to Use AI Lead Generation in Your Business

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Want to generate more leads?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is uniquely suited to help.

Using machine learning, AI can find patterns in your lead data and then find new lookalike leads at scale. AI can also extract insights from this data, so you can learn more about best-fit leads. AI can even use what it learns to predict which leads you should pursue next.

Here at Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, we track thousands of AI tools and use cases for marketers and salespeople. 

In the process, we've discovered some of the best ways to use AI to generate, qualify, and convert more leads.

Below, we break down the top ways you can use AI for lead generation, qualification, and conversion. We also offer recommended vendors you may want to explore.

How do you use AI for lead generation? 

1. Generate more B2B and/or B2C leads from assets you already have.

AI can help you automatically generate leads through chatbots and virtual assistants on your website. These AI-powered tools have conversations with potential customers automatically, collecting email addresses and qualifying them before handing them off to sales teams.

Instead of needing a human rep to start every conversation with leads, AI intelligently automates initial lead outreach. That makes it possible to scale up lead generation without a corresponding rise in headcount.

2. Score leads more intelligently.

AI can also learn from lead conversion data and help you build smarter lead scoring that's actually based on math, not gut instinct from your team. This makes it easier to generate the right type of leads, and convert them at higher rates.

With AI-powered lead scoring, you can identify signals that your human marketing teams may have missed or not considered.  

3. Find new leads.

AI can actually find you new leads based on the characteristics of your existing leads. This means using AI, you can actually grow your pipeline directly. 

Top AI lead generation tools

Plenty of AI tools exist to help you generate more leads. Below are a few to consider as you research and adopt AI.


Drift uses an AI-powered chatbot to help businesses use conversations to remove friction from their buying process with an AI chatbot, email, video, and intelligent automation products.

These bots use AI to learn from conversations happening on the site between consumers and your reps. That information enables the bot to answer questions, understand what a good lead looks like, and generate leads from visits at scale. 


Conversica offers an AI assistant that works 24/7 to qualify leads on your site, so you can automatically turn more of them into sales. Often, companies allow leads fall through the cracks because they don't have the resources to follow up with and qualify each and every one.

With Conversica, however, you can essentially clone every sales rep and sales agent to make sure every lead has a one-to-one conversation enabling true sales automation.


LeadCrunch uses AI predictive models to find you new B2B leads. It does that by creating a unique mathematical model of your ideal customers based on your existing data. The platform then helps you optimize activity throughout the sales funnel and generate the most promising prospects.

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