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Discover How to Achieve True Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence

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Wondering how to get started with AI? Take our on-demand Piloting AI for Marketers Series.

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Your life is already assisted by artificial intelligence—and your marketing will be, too.

The next-generation AI technologies that power your iPhone, Amazon and Netflix recommendations, and self-driving cars are currently transforming the marketing industry.

AI-powered tools and technologies are actively helping brands intelligently automate tasks, personalize at scale, and augment human capabilities with artificial intelligence.

The result?

Leading brands are already using AI to dramatically increase revenue, reduce costs, and achieve true digital transformation.

That was the takeaway from the opening keynote of the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON) 2021.

MAICON is the one event you need to learn more about marketing artificial intelligence. We are bringing together the best in the industry to help you learn, grow, and accelerate your marketing AI journey.

Day 1 of the event featured actionable tactics, frameworks, and processes for using AI to achieve digital transformation.

That included:

  • The (Artificially) Intelligent Enterprise: How to Grow Smarter with AI — Marketing AI Institute founder and CEO Paul Roetzer revealed the exact playbook to evaluate and pilot AI-powered technology.
  • Reaching the Post AI Consumer — Salesforce executive Mathew Sweezey outlined a bulletproof process for collecting first-party data and using AI to grow your business.
  • Taking the Machine Out of the Human — Drift product executive Leo Tenenblat shared the steps to make B2B experiences more authentic, personalized, and scalable with AI.
  • How to Think About Natural Language Processing and Generation in MarketingCo-founder and Chief Data Scientist of Trust Insights Christopher S. Penn unveiled a complete framework for understanding and adopting AI that can generate and analyze language in your business.
  • Responsible AI: Ethics, Innovation, and Lessons Learned from Big Tech — Karen Hao, senior AI editor at MIT Technology Review, offered lessons all marketers can learn from the AI policies and practices of major tech companies.

To gain access to all the tactics, frameworks, and processes being shared at MAICON, check out the information below.

Get All the AI Tactics, Frameworks, and Processes Now

You can still register for the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON), which is headed into Day 2.

With a MAICON Live pass, you can see today's sessions as they happen from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern—and access all event sessions from Day 1 and Day 2 on demand until Friday, September 17.

(Not to mention, you can get 12 months of on-demand access with a MAICON All-Access pass!)

It's the best way to access all the tactics, frameworks, and processes shared on Day 1—and experience live all the ones that will occur on Day 2.

Just click below to go to the MAICON registration page, then click Buy Now.

Use code BLOG20 to get 20% off your ticket.

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