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From Newsletter Content Curation to Action with AI

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In a world where content is king, marketers often struggle to understand the importance of content curation. The process can be daunting: from planning, researching, reviewing, measuring, engaging, and more. But what if I told you that there are tools available to help you curate content and put it into action with AI in email marketing?

Curation can fuel your marketing efforts in several ways:

  • Through active engagement with other brands
  • By providing valuable insights to your consumers
  • Through increased customer engagement一when done the right way

Keep reading for some great resources, tools and tips for utilizing AI in your content curation. 

How To Curate Content for Newsletters

Content curation doesn’t need to be overwhelming. With resources like the ones listed below, finding great content and distributing it across your channels is easier than ever. We utilize resources like these to understand what’s trending, what our consumers are interested in, and to get inspired by other curators.

1. Flipboard 

If you’re a beginner with content curation, check out Flipboard. Flipboard is a free resource to help marketers get inspired and informed across a wide range of topics and subjects. 

You can use Flipboard with rasa.io to find relevant content to utilize in your newsletter strategies.

2. elink.io

For intermediate curators, try elink.io to help you save web links to turn into newsletters, fast website/blog content, single web pages, social media bio links, and more! This platform is great for adding a brand voice to relevant subjects in your content strategy. Elink.io is free for one post a day and $15 a month for unlimited.

Use elink.io to find relevant content sources to add to your rasa.io newsletter, as well as links to individual content.

3. UpContent

Another great resource for intermediate curators is UpContent. UpContent helps marketers build trust and deepen relationships with curated content. This platform gives users a better way to discover, distribute, and collaborate content that helps turn leads into life-long customers. UpContent is priced at $15 a month for 10 topics, $95 for 50 topics, and $265 for 100 topics.

Integrate UpContent into rasa.io to export your content collections using an RSS feed. Simply copy the URL for your UpContent feed and paste it into rasa.io as a content source.

4. Curata

For expert curators, Curata helps users discover, curate, and share content from around the web. Aside from helping to discover new content, Curata suggests topics that your audience might be interested in. If you’re interested in this tool, you can check out their pricing here.

Marketers can leverage Curata to find opportunities in their content strategies to incorporate into their rasa.io newsletters. 

The first step to content curation is to have platforms you trust to help you scale your efforts. After finding the right platform for your strategy, how do you put it into action to grow feasible outcomes? 

Take Action with rasa.io

At rasa.io, we help marketers reach their target audience in a relevant, non-salesy way through intelligently automated newsletters. We optimize your newsletter strategies through personalization, automation, metrics and reporting, strategic insights, content featuring, and app integration. 

Keep reading for five ways to transform your newsletter approach with rasa.io.

1. Personalization that’s individually created for everyone.

Sure, you’re already segmenting your audience and emailsーbut how are you catering to the individual? Every newsletter you send out with rasa.io is completely customized to each reader. Over time, a reader’s newsletter will become more and more relevant as they click links and teach the newsletter what he or she is interested in reading.

2. Automation that lets you set it and forget it.

You can customize the frequency, day, and time that newsletters are sent. This allows for easy optimization of your newsletter strategy by focusing on a send schedule that fits your audience and by fetching relevant content to fulfill newsletter goals.

3. Strategic insights help you learn the interests of each individual subscriber. 

Learn about the individualized preferences of your audience on a single-subscriber basis, not your audience as a whole. Our platform provides insights on when subscribers first subscribed, when they opened your last newsletter, what topics they’re most interested in, and more.

4. Content featuring lets you boost any article you choose. 

If you want to ensure your readers read a particular article, you can boost it to the top of your newsletter. For example, if  your team published an important blog post, boost it in your next newsletter to make sure every reader sees it.

5. Easily link your most important business tools with app integration. 

The days of worrying about manually updating your apps are over. Connect your other business tools (Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zapier, Shopify, HubSpot) in just a few clicks. For example, new customers can be automatically subscribed to a newsletter when they’re added to HubSpot.

rasa.io’s purpose is to better inform the world through their automated newsletter strategies. Content should evoke a meaningful response from consumers and shouldn’t take us hours of wasted effort and efficiency.

Are you ready to create your intelligently automated newsletter with rasa.io? It’s easy and free to start. 

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