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How AI Can Conquer Clickbait For Good
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By: Parry Malm

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March 6th, 2020

How AI Can Conquer Clickbait For Good

Language is the crux of all marketing efforts. Every good brand knows that it’s one of the biggest differentiating factors in today’s marketplace. But there’s a problem these days—a big problem—that pollutes your inboxes, feeds, and phones.

That scourge is clickbait, the result of race-to-the-bottom copywriting economics. 

Over the past decade, the surge in online content has created an unprecedented demand for skilled copywriters. Brands can’t afford to hire all the copywriters they need to keep up with the demand. Furthermore, there aren’t enough talented writers or quality agencies in the world to satisfy it either.

The inherent scarcity of quality writing results in disequilibria. The demand is high, while the supply is lagging—and it’s simply not possible to increase supply by throwing money at the problem. 

How AI Helps Balance the Equation

It’s basic math: you need more and better content, not clickbait. 

The question is: How can you optimize content at scale without compromising quality? Instead of hiring vast numbers of copywriters and putting pressure on margins, there is another way. And that’s with advanced AI technology.

"But... but... there’s no way a machine can write better than me,” I hear you say (probably). The truth is, AI-Powered Copywriting outperforms humans 95% of the time. Why? Because language is complicated. And the cognitive process of humans is notoriously biased.

My own experience as a brand-side marketer taught me this. I would send out millions of emails, test different language in subject lines, and invariably one of the subject lines would perform better. It was difficult to understand why certain copy resonated with customers and other copy didn’t. 

Worse still, building a repeatable model to make campaigns work successfully at scale proved insurmountable.

AI-Powered Copywriting Technology Changes the Game

This problem sparked in my mind a business opportunity. And that opportunity led to the creation of Phrasee, the AI-Powered Copywriting technology that empowers brands with better copy than humans can write alone.

Thanks to disruptive technology like Phrasee, the days of Don Draper dictating your discourse are done. Instead, marketers of the future need to go beyond the copywriting rules of yesterday. It’s the only way to truly take advantage of the new rules for creating marketing copy in the digital age (what I refer to simply as maximizing the language effect).

A game-changing technological solution to an acute problem in the marketing industry has arrived. It’s high time executives paid attention. Your customers certainly will.

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About Parry Malm

Parry Malm is the CEO of Phrasee, AI that writes better subject lines, Facebook ads and push messages than humans.

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