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The First Marketing AI Job Listing

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We spotted the first marketing AI job listing in the wild (at least that we’ve seen) and it’s a good indicator of where the industry is going.

It comes from climate tech company Tomorrow.io, which is hiring for an AI Marketing Specialist.

In addition to the normal marketing specialist duties, the posting also expects the AI Marketing Specialist to:

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in AI/related technologies to catapult our go-to-market organization forward at scale
  • Envision the next iteration of Tomorrow.io's social media presence across channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Meta, etc.) utilizing AI technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning.

Tomorrow.io’s CMO, Dan Slagen, put it superbly in a post on LinkedIn:

“Let’s be honest, the future of marketing is knowing how to use AI to 1+1=3 everything. Knowing when to push AI further, knowing when to back off and be more human, but overall embracing the fact that thinking AI first before doing anything is the best way to 10x impact.”

In Episode 33 of The Marketing AI Show, Marketing AI Institute founder/CEO Paul Roetzer walked through why this milestone matters.

1. Expect demand for AI-savvy marketers to skyrocket.

“I think this is the year where we start seeing demand for AI-savvy marketers skyrocket,” says Roetzer.

That’s because business leaders are under a ton of pressure from executives, boards, and investors to figure out AI.

This job listing for an AI-powered marketer may be the first. But it won’t be the last.

2. But finding AI-savvy marketers isn’t easy.

You can try to hire a marketer who can help you solve AI, like Tomorrow.io did. But these people are far and few between today.

In fact, they largely don’t exist. You’ll probably need to train them yourself.

3. Look first to your marketing practitioners.

To take advantage of AI in your business, you need to find talent that can identify AI use cases in your business.

In marketing, that’s often not a machine learning engineer or data scientist. It’s the marketing practitioners, the people who spend their days doing email or social or ads or other marketing functions.

They’re the ones who can identify how AI can transform their work.

These are your first go-to for AI-savvy talent. They need a curiosity about the technology, a will to learn and experiment, and a desire to make their jobs smarter.

How to get ahead of these changes

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After taking Piloting AI for Marketers, you’ll:

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