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TikTok Introduces Labels for AI-Generated Content

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TikTok just introduced a new label that creators can use to tag content that’s been heavily edited with AI tools.

The platform also plans to test an automatic label generated by AI that it will add to AI-generated content, says Search Engine Land.

“I hope it’s a sign of these capabilities being more widely available, because my biggest concern right now is elections and democracy,” Marketing AI Institute CEO and founder Paul Roetzer told me on Episode 65 of The Marketing AI Show.

The average citizen does not know AI can create synthetic media as well as it can, he says. “A lot of your family and friends have no idea that AI can make videos, can make images that look real, can do deepfakes, and can generate language.  It’s just not common knowledge.”

In the next 12 months, we will need all the help we can get to detect AI-generated content designed to manipulate and misinform during election cycles, especially in the U.S. with a presidential election looming in 2024.

“Hopefully, what TikTok’s doing is a sign of things to come from other companies,” says Roetzer.

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