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What Is Artificial Intelligence in Marketing?

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Today’s Question: What is artificial intelligence in marketing?

I recently recorded a five-part Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing series with Kevin Walsh, product manager of machine learning at HubSpot, for HubSpot Academy’s YouTube channel.

Episode 1, What is artificial intelligence in marketing?, went live this week. In this episode, Kevin and I discuss:

  • How would you define artificial intelligence and machine learning?

  • What are some examples of AI at work in our daily lives?

  • What is the role and state of AI in marketing, sales and service technology today?

You can check out the full video below, and be sure to subscribe to HubSpot Academy to be notified when the next episodes go live over the coming month.

Here’s a snapshot of the upcoming episodes:

  • Episode 2: How can marketers use artificial intelligence?

  • Episode 3: Will artificial intelligence take my marketing job?

  • Episode 4: What are the ethical concerns of artificial intelligence in marketing?

  • Episode 5: How can marketers get started with artificial intelligence?

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