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Will Artificial Intelligence Take My Marketing Job?

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Today’s Question: Will artificial intelligence take my marketing job?

The primary reason I founded Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, and created the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON), is because I believe there is a story to told.

A story about the opportunity and uncertainty AI presents to the marketing industry at large, and individual careers in particular, as intelligent automation alters the knowledge and skill sets needed to succeed.

The number one question I get when giving AI presentations is, “Will it take our jobs?”

I tend to focus on what I believe will be the net positive effect of AI, a symbiotic relationship between humans and machines. The machines will do all the data-driven, time-intensive work most humans find unfulfilling, while the humans spend their days being strategic, creative, empathetic, and, well, happier.

But, the reality is, I have no idea what comes next. No one does.

I do know that the change is accelerating. While most marketers chalk AI up to the next overhyped technology, the unforgiving truth is that THIS technology transformation will be very different than anything that’s come before.

For more on this topic, check out Episode 3 of the HubSpot Academy Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing series below. In this video, Kevin Walsh, product manager of machine learning at HubSpot, and I discuss:

  • What jobs and career paths are at risk?
  • What are the limitations of AI?
  • What skills will be valued, and remain uniquely human, in the future?


And be sure to subscribe to HubSpot Academy to be notified when the next episodes go live:

  • (4-11-19) Episode 4: What are the ethical concerns of artificial intelligence in marketing?
  • (4-18-19) Episode 5: How can marketers get started with artificial intelligence?

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