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What Do Marketers Need to Know When Buying AI-Powered Technology?
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By: Paul Roetzer

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March 27th, 2019

What Do Marketers Need to Know When Buying AI-Powered Technology?

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Today’s Question: What do marketers need to know when buying AI-powered technology?

Just because marketing technology companies claim they use AI, machine learning and deep learning, doesn’t necessarily mean their solutions are actually much more intelligent or efficient than what you’re already using.

Often times there is some form of AI in select features within their product, but the product as a whole probably isn’t as advanced as their marketing messages may lead you to believe.

Many of the marketing technology companies are just starting to experiment with AI themselves, and while they may have roadmaps for more integration of AI moving forward, it’s still early. So, they’re caught in a tough spot. They want to tout the intelligent elements of their products, but they don’t want to overpromise what it will deliver in the short term.

The other reality is that many of the marketers and salespeople at these marketing technology companies who are responsible for branding and selling the AI technology don’t actually understand it themselves.

This all causes a big disconnect in the market, which creates confusion and frustration on both ends.

The more you understand AI and what to look for in solutions, the greater chance you have of finding the right technologies and creating value for your company.

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