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#CES2019 Dominated by Artificial Intelligence
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By: Ashley Sams

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January 10th, 2019

#CES2019 Dominated by Artificial Intelligence

At the Marketing AI Institute, we read dozens of articles on artificial intelligence every week to uncover the most valuable ones for our subscribers and we curate them for you here. We call it 3 Links in 3 Minutes. Enjoy!

AI Rules the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show

It’s time again for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and artificial intelligence through voice is proving to be a major theme.

According to Mashable, Google announced a plethora of updates to its voice assistant. Coming soon, Google Assistant will become voice-activated through Google Maps, enabling users to ask for directions and nearby attractions hands-free while they drive.

Not to be outdone, Amazon also announced an upgrade to your vehicle—the Echo Auto. This device connects to your smartphone and brings Alexa to your car for just $49.99.

Samsung announced a full line-up of AI-powered devices, including Smart TVs that use an algorithm to serve up recommended content from users’ available subscription services and easier voice control options through Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Follow along with live updates at #CES2019 on Twitter.

AI Skills Among Top Needed in 2019

Using company and job data, LinkedIn recently dropped a list of skills companies need most in 2019. As our world becomes more digitized, you can probably guess what made the list: AI.

While the “soft skills” included traits like creativity, collaboration, and time management, the “hard skills” were dominated by artificial intelligence. In fact, of the 25 skills listed, artificial intelligence, NLP (natural language processing), and scientific computing all made it within the top 13 spots.

To help users develop these skills, the networking platform unlocked tons of LinkedIn Learning courses to train. Courses to help with artificial intelligence include Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning, Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Classification Modeling.

If you’re looking to learn more about NLP or scientific computing, try these courses: Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Thinking Machines, Creating Bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework, Part 2, NLP with Python for Machine Learning Essential Training, Matlab Essential Training, Scala Essential Training for Data Science, Data Science Foundations: Python Scientific Stack.

Actionable Ways to Use AI in Your Content Marketing Strategy

The jargon associated with artificial intelligence can seem complex and obscure, making it challenging to apply within your business. To simplify, Chris Penn presented “How to Use AI to Boost Your Content Marketing Impact” at Content Marketing World last year. Here are a few of his tips.

Use driver analysis to predict profitable actions. With the help of machine learning and some coding, you can analyze your site to determine which actions will help you achieve your overall goal. For example, Penn performed an analysis on the blog Spin Sucks and found that the top driver of lead generation was email, not organic traffic, as the Spin Sucks team originally thought.

Another nifty way to use AI in your marketing is to reverse engineer Google to reveal key topics and terms through text mining. Basically, text mining is a type of AI that “ingests content (e.g., text) to classify, categorize, and make sense of it.” Using this technique, marketers can discover SEO-friendly keywords and strategize topics around them.

Check out the full Content Marketing Institute article here for more helpful tips.

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Ashley Sams is a consultant at PR 20/20. She joined the agency in 2017 with a background in marketing, specifically for higher education and social media. Ashley is a 2015 graduate of The University of Mount Union where she earned a degree in marketing.

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