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An AI Tool That Helps Your Sales Team Close More Business
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By: Paul Roetzer

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May 9th, 2019

An AI Tool That Helps Your Sales Team Close More Business

Sales reps spend a lot of time doing repetitive, tedious tasks in their quest to make their quotas and boost revenue.

These often include manually following up with leads and closing new business.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 12.54.26 PMBut what if your sales team could spend time only on the strategic, high-value tasks that really move the needle, instead of all these day-to-day chores?

That's the promise of Exceed.ai, an AI-powered sales assistant that claims to automate lead qualification and nurturing at scale, in the process offloading a lot of the chores that sales reps dread.

We spoke with Ilan Kasan, cofounder and CEO of Exceed.ai, to learn more about how the tool uses AI to improve marketing and sales.

1. In a single sentence or statement, describe Exceed.ai.

Exceed.ai is an AI-powered sales assistant that works alongside your team to identify and secure customers faster and more efficiently by automatically contacting, engaging, following-up and qualifying leads via natural, two-way conversations.

2. How does Exceed.ai use artificial intelligence?

We use natural language understanding to read emails and understand what the lead is saying and their responses to our qualification questions.

We use natural language generation to respond to leads, handle objections, answer questions and ask qualification questions.

We use machine learning and AI to optimize and personalize each conversation with each lead to ensure more leads are push through the pipeline.

3. What are the primary use cases of Exceed.ai for marketers?

Exceed is used followup, nurture and qualify any type of lead or existing customer: inbound lead follow up, up-selling free or existing customers, cold out reach, etc.

4. Who are your ideal customers in terms of company sizes and industries?

While we are focused on tech, our solution is good for any company that has reps manually closing business and have more leads that they can handle.

5. What makes your company different than competing or traditional solutions?

Exceed is able to take any sales playbook and turn it into an automated two-way conversation. It can handle prospect objections, respond to inquiries, ask qualification questions and schedule meetings on reps calendars. When our AI does not know what to do, involve real humans and learns from them and hence gets better over time

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6. What do you see as the limitations of artificial intelligence as it exists today?

AI is not replacing humans—it is empowering them.

AI cannot understand everything and cannot feel empathy. That is why our AI assistant works alongside reps and consults with them when it is unsure what the best way is to move forward. 

7. What do you see as the future potential of artificial intelligence in marketing?

Exceed.ai is focused on making the sales development process and lead qualification more efficient and effective.

In the future, all the manual repetitive tasks will be offloaded to AI assistants and reps will only get involved when a real human is needed to close the deal and human nuance is required.

8. Any other thoughts on AI in marketing, or advice for marketers who are just starting to explore the possibilities of AI?

AI is not a silver bullet. Like any new technology, you need to make sure it is setup correctly and applied correctly to solve the challenge in hand.  

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