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Introducing AI Academy for Marketers: On-Demand, Online Courses

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Wondering how to get started with AI? Take our on-demand Piloting AI for Marketers Series.

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When we launched Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute in 2016, our mission was to make AI approachable and actionable to marketers everywhere. 

We wanted to help them understand what AI is, and give them the knowledge, tools and confidence to pilot and scale it in their organizations. That way, they could create a competitive advantage for themselves, and their businesses.

So, we started publishing a few articles per week, profiling AI-powered marketing technology companies, sending a weekly newsletter, and presenting keynotes around the world. 

Then, in 2019, we launched the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON), and 300 attendees from 12 countries came together in Cleveland, Ohio last July to explore AI.

We had big dreams to bring MAICON back to Cleveland in July 2020 with more exhibitors, more speakers and more attendees. But, like every other event, we’ve had to alter our plans and reschedule MAICON for July 2021.

So, the question became:

What can we do NOW to accelerate understanding and adoption of AI for our 14,000+ subscribers, and the industry at large?

Introducing AI Academy for Marketers

AI Academy for Marketers is an online education platform that helps you understand, pilot and scale artificial intelligence. We were planning to announce it at MAICON 2020, but the timeline has been moved up! 

The Academy site is now live and membership is available for purchase with on-demand content available now.

There will be more than 25 Short Courses (30 - 60 minutes each), along with five Certification Courses (3 - 5 hours each). The content is structured by marketing categories, and we plan to offer recommended Learning Paths as well for specific industries and job roles. 

The Academy is designed for manager-level and above marketers, and largely caters to non-technical audiences, meaning registrants don’t need backgrounds in analytics, data science or programming to understand and apply what they learn.

New content will be regularly added to the platform, and all Members get access to an exclusive online community to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing with their peers.

Member Benefits

For $999 per year, Members get:

  • 25+ Courses organized by marketing categories.
  • 5+ Certificates for completion of select deep-dive Courses.
  • Ongoing access to new Courses and Certificates as they go live each quarter.
  • Quick Take videos featuring simple answers to common AI questions and challenges.
  • Private Community access to the AI Academy for Marketers Slack Group.
  • Ask Me Anything Zoom sessions with Academy instructors.
  • Marketing AI Conference (MAICON) keynote videos featuring industry leaders.
  • AI Tech Showcase library featuring analyst-style briefings and product demos with leading marketing AI tech companies. 
  • Marketing AI Show Podcast library with audio and transcripts for each episode. 
  • Vendor discounts from select partners.
  • MAICON VIP pricing and experiences.
  • Dozens of additional resources, including: slide decks, templates, worksheets and quizzes.

The majority of the content planned for MAICON 2020 will be available through Academy, and we already have commitments from more than 30 instructors who will be creating Courses for on-demand access.   

Our hope is that AI Academy for Marketers serves as a catalyst for professionals to quickly advance their knowledge and capabilities, discover a vast network of forward-thinking peers in the online community, and continually discover new ideas and inspiration to drive themselves forward. 

Visit www.MarketingAcademy.ai to learn more.

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