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Introducing the AI for Writers Summit, Presented by Writer and Featuring Ann Handley

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Artificial intelligence won’t replace writers, but writers who use AI will replace writers who don’t.

AI tools like ChatGPT have upended the art and science of storytelling.

In the process, they’ve created a huge amount of uncertainty for brands, agencies, publishers, and media companies.

Most organizations are unprepared. Writing and editing career paths are being redefined, while media companies, brands, and agencies are now forced to reimagine their content teams and strategies to stay competitive.

Everyone, from large enterprises to freelance copywriters, has access to affordable AI technologies. But it’s the understanding and application of AI that will differentiate you and your company moving forward.

You can already 10x your content output—ads, articles, blog posts, captions, emails, newsletters, social media posts, transcriptions, video scripts, websites, and more—with today’s AI, and it’s only going to get more powerful from here.

Vision, innovation, and speed matter more than ever.

If you are a writer, editor, or leader of a content team, it is essential that you take action to understand and apply AI.

That’s why we’re launching the inaugural AI for Writers Summit presented by Writer, a leading AI writing platform for teams.

Register Now for the AI for Writers Summit

About the AI for Writers Summit

The AI for Writers Summit is a virtual event that will be held on March 30, 2023, from 12:00pm - 4:00pm EST.

The event features talks from experts like Ann Handley, Wall Street Journal bestselling author; May Habib, Writer co-founder and CEO; and Paul Roetzer, Marketing AI Institute founder and CEO.

When you attend, you will:

  • Discover the current state of AI writing technologies, including capabilities and limitations.
  • Uncover how generative AI can make writers and content teams more efficient and creative.
  • Learn about dozens of AI writing use cases and tools.
  • Consider emerging career paths that blend human and machine capabilities.
  • Explore the potential negative effects of AI on writers.
  • Connect with presenters and attendees on the online platform.

Two registration options are available.

  1. A FREE Sponsored Pass is for attendees who agree to share their contact information with the presenting sponsor.
  2. A $99 Private Pass is for attendees who want their contact information to remain private and not shared with the presenting sponsor.

Regardless of which option you pick, you can also choose to add on-demand access for an additional $99.

We view the AI for Writers Summit as a way to bring the industry together at a critical time to figure out the way forward—together.

Don’t wait for the writing and content worlds to get smarter around you. Become a next-gen writer now.

Register Now for the AI for Writers Summit


About Writer and Marketing AI Institute

About Writer

Writer is an enterprise-grade generative AI platform built for the needs of companies and teams. Unlike other AI products, Writer's training happens securely on a company’s own provided data and their style and brand guidelines. The result is content that's consistent and on-brand, whether the initial text came from humans or from AI.

Writer is enterprise-grade, with all of the security and data privacy features needed for organization-wide rollouts. Writer is deployed widely at leading companies like UnitedHealthcare, Accenture, Intuit, UiPath, HubSpot, Spotify, Hilton, Uber, and Deloitte. Writer is based in San Francisco and has raised $26 million.

About Marketing AI Institute

Marketing AI Institute is an online education and conference business that makes AI approachable and actionable for marketers and business leaders. The Institute hosts the annual Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON) in Cleveland, Ohio, and runs the AI Academy for Marketers online education platform and community.

Register Now for the AI for Writers Summit

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