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MAICON Sponsors You Won't Want to Miss—And Where to Find Them

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We are just under one week away from the inaugural Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON) and the team is eager to welcome you to Cleveland! We have a jam-packed schedule planned for your visit, but first we’d like to give a sneak-peak to this year’s top sponsors.

Platinum Sponsor

PathFactory (Booth #17)

We talk about making marketing more intelligent and more human and PathFactory puts that notion into practice. PathFactory's Content Insight & Activation Platform delivers the on-demand B2B experience by enabling buyers with the most relevant information at every step of their unique journey and allowing them to binge-consume content, removing friction and making the buying process more efficient.

PathFactory pioneered the industry's first B2B content recommendations powered by AI in 2016. The company was recently named the only Top-Rated Award Winner In Content Marketing Software by TrustRadius and a 2019 Cool Vendor in Technology Marketing by Gartner.

President and Chief Product Officer Nick Edouard is speaking at the MAICON session, “Should AI Enable You, or Your Buyers?

Director of Integrated Marketing Cassandra Jowett is speaking at the MAICON session, “5 Ways AI Can Deliver the Right Content to the Right B2B Buyer at the Right Time.
Gold Sponsor

Vennli (Booth # 18)

Vennli is a content intelligence platform designed to better inform the decisions organizations make on a daily basis. Vennli enables marketing leaders to prepare, plan, and align their content strategy and recommendations with core business objectives. By automating the painstaking task of sifting through big data, Vennli generates actionable insights for companies, allowing more time to focus on connecting with prospects in more human and meaningful ways.

Right now, you can sign up for a free trial of the early release of the platform and see for yourself how Vennli’s content intelligence will revolutionize your content marketing strategy.

CEO Marty Muse is speaking at the MAICON session, “AI & the Organization: How to Change Your Marketing Structure to Incorporate AI, ML and NLP.

Chief Customer Officer Patty Doyle is speaking at MAICON session, “7 Ways Customer Data and AI Can Revolutionize Your Content Strategy.

Silver Sponsors

Conversica (Booth #9)

Conversica is a leader in Intelligent Assistants for business, allowing humans and Intelligent AI Assistants to work harmoniously. With Conversica's AI Assistants, companies find and secure customers more quickly and efficiently by autonomously contacting, engaging, qualifying and following up with marketing and sales leads via incredibly human-like and natural, two-way conversations.

Conversica is used by more than 1,500 companies worldwide, spanning multiple industries including technology, financial services, higher education, automotive, telecommunications, sports and entertainment and more. By connecting with customers early on in the buyer's journey, these conversations enable businesses to engage with quality leads more efficiently with greater impact.

Stop by the Conversica booth for a chance to win a pair of Beats by Dre headphones.

CMO Rashmi Vittal is speaking at the MAICON session, “The Future of Work is Now: Build Higher Performing Teams with AI Virtual Assistants.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy is the worldwide leader in free online training for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service professionals. It specializes in comprehensive certifications, singular topic courses, and bite-sized lessons for professionals looking to grow their career and business.

HubSpot Product Manager for Customer Facing AI Ian Leaman and Senior Product Manager (Machine Learning) Kevin Walsh are speaking at the MAICON session, “Machine Learning and the Future of Intelligent Automation.

Bronze Sponsors

MarketMuse (Booth #8)

MarketMuse uses AI to accelerate content planning, creation and optimization. They are a team of content and AI veterans who use machine learning to enable clients to gain authority in their topical domain.

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Jeff Coyle is speaking at the MAICON session, “Making Content Your Competitive Advantage: How to Ensure Every Article Delivers ROI.

PR 20/20 (Booth #13)

PR 20/20 is a marketing consulting and services firm—and the marketing agency that powers both Marketing AI Institute and MAICON. PR 20/20 partners with marketing change agents to strengthen foundations, drive growth and turn data into intelligence. To embrace the rise in AI technologies, PR 20/20 is a pioneer in intelligent marketing. This year, the agency introduced new intelligently automated services such as automated press releases, automated performance reports, the Cognitive Content Hub™ and the Piloting AI™ Workshop.

VP and Managing Director Jessica Miller is speaking at the MAICON sessions, “The Intelligently Automated Agency,” and “How to Future-Proof Your Marketing Agency.

VP of Strategic Growth Keith Moehring is speaking at MAICON sessions, “The Intelligently Automated Agency” and “Generate Machine-Assisted Content at Scale.”

Meera (Booth #11)

Meera is an engagement and nurturing AI platform empowered by machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). Meera software integrates with existing CRM and ERP systems to increase conversions through warm calls, lead generation, appointment scheduling and other daily marketing requirements.

rasa.io (Booth #12)

rasa.io is committed to rethinking how brands and organizations can thrive in a digital world and take full advantage of artificial intelligence in all of its forms. rasa.io focuses on making your company’s newsletters smarter, from personalization to content. It makes cutting-edge AI available to everyone, allowing organizations of all sizes to interact with their subscribers regularly and be the number one resource their audience uses to stay on top of industry trends.

Chief Revenue Officer Jared Loftus is speaking at the MAICON sessions, “Content Marketing + Email 101 Workshop” and “Be the Netflix of Newsletters.

Executive Chairman Amith Nagarajan is conducting the panel session, “Personalize and Optimize Your Email Marketing for Success with AI.

Validity (Booth #10)

Validity believes that businesses run better and grow faster with accurate data. Companies that use data to target, engage and transact with customers are more likely to succeed. Validity helps companies do just that more effectively than ever before.

For a more information about sponsoring MAICON, click here.

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