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Meet Tim Hayden: Marketing AI Conference (MAICON) 2021 Speaker

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Welcome back to our MAICON 2021 speaker series. We’re introducing you to our speakers, telling you a little about why they’ll be at MAICON, what resonated with us in articles or resources of theirs, and how to connect with them prior to the event.

Tim Hayden is the CEO of Brain+Trust, a strategic consultancy that empowers brands to compete and grow revenue by leveraging their primary data.

Before Brain+Trust, he headed marketing at Zignal Labs, a real-time media intelligence platform used by Uber, Citrix, IBM, and others. Hayden is also former head of the Mobile program at Edelman Digital in North America.

He has served as a catalyst for transformational change in some of the world’s leading brands, including Dell Technologies, Bacardi USA, McDonald's, Shell, Hilton Worldwide, Kraft Foods, and Walmart. He is co-author of The Mobile Commerce Revolution (Pearson, October 2014), lives with his wife and son in Austin, and hasn't owned a car since 2003.

Some of Tim Hayden's Work

Marketing For Your Future: Changes to Privacy Laws  

An excerpt: On this episode of BlueHorn’s “Marketing For Your Future” webinar, Tim shares how big tech platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are changing the rules of privacy laws and the impact these changes will have on marketers for years to come.   

Why we like it: Tim mentions how, for years, brands have enjoyed seamless advertising and marketing experiences on “rented land” (e.g. social platforms and search engines). With new privacy restrictions rapidly emerging from these platforms, marketers must be ready to pivot their strategies and connect with customers in a personable way. 

If You Can’t Give a Customer a Cookie 

An excerpt: Delivering a customer-centric content experience is the ultimate marketing goal. But data management issues and an impending seismic shift may prevent you from reaching it. Use these approaches to bridge the chasm that will be left when Google, Apple, and others end third-party cookie tracking.

Why we like it: In this article, Tim offers readers actionable tips to taking a smarter approach to content marketing now that we must manage without data from third-party cookie tracking. Rather than treating new privacy restrictions as obstacles, Tim positions them as opportunities for marketers to deliver smarter, contextualized content to customers. Expect to hear more on this during Tim’s breakout session at MAICON 2021.

B2B x B2C = B2P

An excerpt: The world of B2B doesn’t get enough credit for the ways its approaches have helped redefine the B2C customer experience. In B2B, companies negotiated discount rates and service levels based on their historical and ongoing relationships. In today’s digitally driven B2C marketplace, creating a user experience based on a historical and ongoing relationship is called personalization and it enables a company to similarly reward a very good customer. The major difference is, this reward need not be pre-negotiated. It can happen in real time, and can be driven by an algorithm: In a B2B context, the role of the algorithm is played by an account manager who will rip throats out and appeal to the highest echelon of the company to find a way to reward (and retain) a strong, consistent customer.

Thus, what are commonly referred to as B2B and B2C need to give way to the notion of B2P: A business serves a person, regardless of what or for whom that person is buying. 

Why we like it: Tim makes a point in this article that, over the years, has only become clearer—the distinction between B2B and B2C companies is nearly irrelevant when it comes to marketing tactics. Putting people first and aligning marketing with customer interests should be the primary focus when building brand and customer relationships.

Learn More About Tim Hayden

Tim Hayden's Breakout Session at MAICON

When the Cookie Crumbles: How to Navigate Data Privacy in 2021 and Beyond

AI and machine learning are here to help marketers continuously improve the performance of marketing operations and media investments.

However, today, there are tightening controls on the data required to give you more intelligence and enable the machines to learn. You'll not only need consent from every customer to process and analyze the data that is shared with you, you'll also need to navigate through a sea of change in how big tech companies such as Apple, Mozilla, Google and Amazon permit you to collect data in the first place.

Join this session to learn how you can continue to grow revenue and profits, despite changing data privacy laws and controls.

Join us at MAICON 2021 on September 13-14, 2021 to hear Tim and 20+ other AI and marketing leaders. BLOG20 saves 20% off current prices.

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