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Meta Unleashes a Powerful New AI Assistant

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Meta sure isn’t sleeping on AI. They just dropped some major AI updates. The biggest one is that they’re releasing their own AI assistant.

Think of it like ChatGPT for Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Like ChatGPT, Meta’s AI assistant will be conversational. It will also connect to the internet via Microsoft Bing. And it will generate images.

Meta also announced some other AI updates. You’ll soon be able to:

  • Generate stickers using AI across apps.
  • Edit images using AI on Instagram.
  • Interact with “AI characters,” which are AI chatbots with personalities informed by celebrities like MrBeast, Snoop Dogg, and Paris Hilton.

Connecting the Dots

On Episode 66 of The Marketing AI Show, Marketing AI Institute founder and CEO Paul Roetzer broke down for me what these updates mean for marketers and business leaders.

  1. This matters because of Meta’s distribution. “I think the biggest thing from a business perspective is their distribution,” says Roetzer. Meta apps are fundamentally interwoven into our consumer and business lives. Any AI released across these apps will have a big impact on how we engage with these tools and what they empower us to do.
  2. Meta’s sheer amount of data is also a big deal. Meta has tons of data on how people communicate with each other and how they talk across messages, videos, and comments. This data could help them create very powerful AI systems. “If you can train these models on that stuff, that’s where you start to imagine Meta taking the lead if they build the right things.”
  3. And custom AI agents may be closer than you think. Meta’s AI assistant and its “AI characters” it released point to a possible future where you can build any type of AI agent you want through Meta, says Roetzer. Imagine being an entrepreneur who can interact with an AI agent that’s an expert in business law or an AI agent that mimics the personality, perspective, and advice of Steve Jobs.

What to Do About It

  • Consider the bigger picture. Meta’s updates are interesting, make no mistake. “But this is so much broader in terms of its implications,” says Roetzer. “Understanding the future is about constantly connecting the dots.” If AI agents like the ones Meta is building become common, what does that mean to your company? To your industry?

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