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Smart Moderation Uses Machine Learning to Automatically Moderate Comments Across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

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For big brands, comment moderation is more than a full time job. With communities in the hundreds of thousands or millions, these companies must work 24/7 to flag or remove inappropriate or malicious comments from social media profiles and online communities.

Some outsource this to human moderation companies, which becomes expensive—fast. Others rely on the built-in blacklists provided by platforms like Facebook, but these arebasic and often don’t do the job adequately.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 8.53.16 AM.pngSmart Moderation, on the other hand, uses machine learning, a type of AI, to do it automatically and cost-effectively—without any human involvement. The intelligent system has been trained using Facebook’s official community standards and learns a company’s unique standards over time.

The result? An AI solution that moderates comments so your team doesn’t have to. We talked to CEO Ciler Ay (LinkedIn) to learn more about how the technology works.

In a single sentence or statement, describe Smart Moderation.

Smart Moderation promotes a cleaner, safer online experience by using AI-based comment moderating technology. Our technology automates inappropriate comment moderation strategy across various digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube by detecting inappropriate or profane comments, spam, trolls, and bullying. It automatically removes these from the platform in real time, without requiring any human involvement.

How does Smart Moderation use artificial intelligence (i.e. machine learning, natural language generation, natural language processing, deep learning, etc.)?

Smart Moderation's signature, patent-pending AI technology is based on machine learning and natural language processing, so it understands text just like a human does, by reading it holistically and not just for specific keywords.

Smart Moderation was trained using Facebook’s official community standards and users can easily train the tool themselves from their own dashboard. In addition, the technology learns from your past and ongoing activities, evolving in response to your preferences. Over time, users will acquire a customized automated moderation tool that thinks and acts in accordance with their own human moderation approach.

What do you see as the limitations of artificial intelligence as it exists today?

Incapability of self awareness is the main limitation of artificial intelligence as it exists today. Artificial Intelligence still needs human touch for continuous training to increase its accuracy and success.

What do you see as the future potential of artificial intelligence in marketing and sales?

There is no doubt that AI will be the future of marketing. AI tools will be used to make strategic marketing decisions, such as product recommendations, customer profiling, and predictive analysis. Intelligent software will be like new team members in marketing departments, creating more customer-centric campaigns because of highly personalized messages and targeted ads. Also AI-powered chatbots will be the new customer support and sales channels, performing mundane task and freeing up professionals to focus on more important work and creative tasks.

What makes Smart Moderation different than competing or traditional solutions?

Social networks provide keyword blacklist features to meet users' basic needs by helping them, for instance, remove specific words from their profiles. However, these features do not necessarily guarantee accuracy. In addition, there are human moderation companies, but human involvement means that their services will always remain relatively expensive.

We based our AI architecture on machine learning and natural language processing that read the meaning and tone behind a massage rather than relying on static keyword blacklists. This provides a unique, unmatched service not previously offered by any other company. It operates all day, everyday, in real time with self-learning technology that can adapt and customize past actions and preferences to itself.

Who are your prototype customers in terms of company size and industries?

Smart Moderation is a subscription-based B2B SaaS solution targeting brands with big online communities. We target industries like media, ecommerce, education, and big consumer brands.

We also consider social media management tools, mobile applications, and chatbots, through which users generate and monitor content, important potential clients for API integrations.

What are the primary use cases of Smart Moderation for marketers and sales professionals?

The primary use case is brands that receives thousands of messages on social media everyday that need to be addressed by the in-house social media management team. With Smart Moderation, these teams focus on community engagement while our technology automatically hides the inappropriate comments in real time to protect their social profiles.

In this way, Smart Moderation ensures enormous cost and time efficiency for those brands.

Any other thoughts on AI in marketing, or advice for marketers who are just starting to explore the possibilities of AI?

AI will be used in every aspect of marketing and sales—and marketers will need to learn to use it. In the age of big data, marketers now have access to more information than ever about all the ongoing processes in a company. They need to learn data science and take actions very quickly with the help of marketing technologies. Artificial Intelligence will empower the marketers in every aspect and machines will manage the tasks instead of humans.

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