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Why We Need a Marketing AI Community

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In an email recently, I invited and encouraged our subscribers to get more involved in our community. No, subscribers and community members are NOT the same thing. As marketers, we know that subscribers have allowed us to send messages to their email inboxes. which is great, but that’s it. Community is something bigger and stronger.

In that email, I mentioned that I’ve been in advertising and marketing for a long time. But as technology changes—and wow, is it changing quickly—even the smartest marketers are going to have questions.

When I started at the Marketing AI Institute in May 2021, I would walk by Mike Kaput’s desk and ask him lots of questions about marketing and AI. Over time, I’ve met some very smart marketers who are working on some of the same things I’m doing:

  • Creating social media posts for our blog and for MAICON and AI Academy
  • Customizing images for blog posts, social shares, paid media
  • Drafting, finalizing, segmenting, and scheduling emails
  • Developing data-driven marketing strategies
  • Analyzing programs and campaigns
  • Calendaring and scheduling marketing plans

I’ve enjoyed having conversations with some community members who have shared some really cool things you’re doing, and I’ve learned so much.

And we all know that work can’t thrive in a silo, and that it’s much more fun to learn through community and collaboration.

I’ve learned that tools like Grammarly, and technologies like Gmail and YouTube use AI. But I’ve also learned tools such as Descript can help me work smarter (and also fill a knowledge gap). And bigger than that, I’ve learned that tools like MarketMuse can guide our entire content strategy and SEO.

At the pace technology is moving, it’s simply not feasible or scalable for me to keep up on all of this by myself, even though I try to read to and listen to as many things as I can. Additionally, I’m certain that I’m not using all of the technologies we’re subscribed to or partnered with to their full capacities. Plus, it’s just more fun to be with people!

That’s why I’m excited that our Slack community is growing, and the conversations are starting to grow there. It’s led to some amazing conversations and some 1:1 Zoom calls, and our team would love to see that (and us!) grow.

So, what do you say? I hope you’ll join us over in Slack. Whether you’re new to marketing, new to AI, or a seasoned pro, we look forward to seeing you!

Also, I’m planning a Slack group meetup at MAICON this year. It will be great to see everyone in person, so please join us if you can! My code CATHY100 saves $100 off MAICON passes. Register today!

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