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19 Short Courses Coming to AI Academy for Marketers

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Wondering how to get started with AI? Take our on-demand Piloting AI for Marketers Series.

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Now is the perfect time to invest in your future. And online education is a great way to expand your skill set and open new doors for your career.

We invite you to explore the AI Academy for Marketers, an online learning platform with 25+ Courses, including Short Courses and Certification Courses, all packed with actionable insights from top AI and marketing experts. 

Below, take a look at the Short Courses (30 - 60 minutes) already in the works. You can also visit the Academy’s Courses page for more information. 

We hope to see you in the Academy!

Robert, Katie1. 5 Applications of AI for Content Marketers, Katie Robbert, CEO, Trust Insights

AI and machine learning are everywhere, and marketers are struggling with major questions like: "What exactly is AI?" and "How will this impact my work?" In this Course by analytics expert and AI practitioner Katie Robbert, learn what AI is (and isn't), why you don't necessarily need to learn how to code, and what to do to future-proof your company and career. In this Course, you'll learn:

  • How to use AI to predict marketing trends and strategy.
  • How to use AI to understand messy data like customer feedback.
  • How to use AI to prove marketing ROI.

Mike-Kaput-12. AI for Small Business, Mike Kaput, Director, Marketing AI Institute 

This talk addresses a major concern for many: Can AI work for me if I'm a small company or don't have data? The answer is: "Yes, if you know the right tools and have the right approach." In this Course, learn which AI tools require no first-party data and how to use AI even if you're a small operation.

Jim-Sterne-13. AI in Marketing, a To-Do List, Jim Sterne, Co-Founder and Director Emeritus, Digital Analytics Association  

Marketing professionals and digital analysts of all stripes need a destination, a map and expert navigation to help acclimate themselves to AI. In this Course, Jim Sterne, author of Artificial Intelligence for Marketing, provides a checklist for getting started with AI and machine learning. Learn about today’s branding necessities, new tools and new rules, the augmented marketer, staying relevant, and tomorrow’s ecommerce conundrum. See what the world of marketing looks like when everything is a screen, all your data has been traded away for a pittance, and marketers have new tools with which to make age-old mistakes.

Ricardo-14. AI Voice for Marketers: 5 Ways to Win with the Fastest-Growing Channel, Ricardo Garcia-Amaya, CEO & Founder, VOIQ VoiceBots

The past three years have been earth shattering for voice assistants for the consumer. Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are now very much a part of everyday life for two billion consumers. 

But what about business? How can top marketers leverage AI voice to acquire more  customers, increase engagement and drive ROI? This Course uncovers the top AI voice innovations for business, and the way they are dramatically changing the way marketing leaders work.

Chris Penn5. Assessing and Mitigating Bias in Marketing AI, Christopher S. Penn, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Trust Insights  

Bias in data and AI is omnipresent, from machines making biased hiring recommendations to marketing targeting excluding areas based on race and income, intended or not.

In this eye-opening talk from Trust Insights Chief Data Scientist Christopher Penn, learn what the difference is between human bias and machine bias (and why both matter), the four types of machine bias, how to identify bias in a dataset using common machine learning and data science tools, and industry best-practice tools for keeping your AI models on the rails.

RJ6. Beauty is in the Eye of the Algorithm, R.J. Talyor, CEO & Founder, Pattern89

Advertisers are faced with the dual challenge of telling a unique brand story, while honoring an ever-changing formula that ensures their message ranks, trends or optimizes. What’s an advertiser to do? Machines have created a standardized version of our world today, saving us time, budget and energy in the process.

Data and AI are key; however, without a solid foundation of creativity, your messaging will be unsuccessful. Only advertisers who blend creativity with AI will achieve success.

In this Course, explore how brands can blend the two together to stand out from the crowd. Join R. J. Taylor in discovering how your brand can stand apart in a machine-optimized world—because brands who embrace creators win.

Nancy-17. CMO + ???: The Marketing Organization of the Future, Nancy A. Shenker, CEO, theONswitch®

What will a marketing department look like in five years? How do marketing professionals need to prepare for the jobs of the future? What will a typical workday look like? From leadership to intern level positions—from content to PR to analytics—every marketing job will transform as a result of AI. 

Laurie-Hood8. Data and the Next Decade: What to Expect and How to Prepare, Laurie Hood, Senior Vice President, Mobilewalla 

We live in a hyper-connected world where virtually everything we do leaves a digital trace. From our connected devices to what we buy, watch, listen to and search, there is little left to the imagination. Brands have spent the last decade capturing as many of those interactions as possible in an effort to build brand loyalty and gain competitive advantage. 

As we move into the next decade, consumer interaction with data and devices will increase exponentially, creating new opportunities for brands to engage. The good news is, AI and machine learning technologies will allow us to more effectively harness all that data and drive more, and deeper insights out of it than ever before. In this Course, understand how AI is changing our relationship with data and how you can leverage it to drive real results for your business. 

Ivan9. Designing an Intelligent Email Marketing Program, Ivan LaBianca, Chief Revenue Officer, Seventh Sense

AI is changing the face of email marketing for marketers, consumers and email service providers. Unfortunately, many marketers are leaving money on the table by neglecting to optimize their email programs to compete in today's environment. 

In this Course, examine the ways email marketing is changing, and how you can use AI and automation to put your data to work for you. This Course breaks down seven easy steps marketers can take to maximize the results they see from every lead acquired, and every email sent. Topics covered include automation, segmentation, frequency and timing optimization, deliverability, and authentication.

Seth10. Deloping a Metrics-Driven Governance Playbook, Seth Earley, CEO and Founder, Earley Information Science 

Governance is boring, and no one wants to own it. But the success of any information program depends on thoughtful and deliberate decision making. 

Every project involving ecommerce, user experience or more broadly digital transformation requires measurement of outcomes at multiple levels. This process allows for validation of course corrections and ongoing improvement based on data rather than opinion.

In this Course, attendees explore:

  • Various structures for decision making bodies, and the pros and cons for each.
  • Ways to align measures of data quality and completeness with processes, business outcomes and organizational strategy.
  • How to connect ROI to data and content programs.
  • A framework for a metrics-driven governance playbook. 

EllieMirman-201711. How to Build a Competitive Intelligence Strategy, Ellie Mirman, CMO, Crayon 

Companies have traditionally lacked a good way to get insight into their markets. They’ve relied on research firms and internal teams to gather competitive intelligence manually, despite the time-consuming effort that left little time to analyze and act on that research. The explosion of online data combined with AI-powered technology paves the way to gather competitive intelligence programmatically and help companies extract actionable insights in ways that were previously impossible. 

This Course dives into the actionable insights you can gather using competitive intelligence technology and how to establish an impactful CI program for your business.

Boyd12. How To Use Data Exhaust and Machine Learning to Model Behavior, Richard Boyd, CEO, Tanjo, Inc. 

As people traverse the Internet, they leave behind a trail of data. This data exhaust can be harnessed with machine learning to model human behavior in great detail—for both positive and negative purposes. As Netflix, Amazon and Google all know, if you want to understand people, you monitor how they spend their time, money and attention. 

This Course shares methods for harnessing data from human activity, and how it can be synthesized and placed in simulated environments to test messaging, identify likely reactions to price changes, pinpoint product preferences, and predict behavior changes based on factors like seasonality and economic conditions. 

There is evidence that these synthetic models can be better predictors of future behavior than focus groups and surveys. Learn how to harness this data for your organization.

circle Doug Davidoff13. The 5 Critical Success Factors for AI Implementation, Douglas Davidoff, Founder & CEO, Imagine Business Development

The continuous proliferation of marketing and sales technology in general, and AI specifically, represents both a tremendous opportunity and significant barrier for growth-oriented organizations. Research from Gartner, SiriusDecision, CSO and more highlights that increased technology investments are not translating to improved performance.

Top concerns from marketing and sales leaders focus on identifying ways to simplify tech stacks, and gain greater proficiency and traction. Simply put, they’re looking for real-world methodologies that can quickly accelerate growth outcomes without increasing the cost or risks they are exposed to.

As the utilization of AI in the martech stack has matured, key factors for success are becoming clear. In his work and interviews with hundreds of companies, Doug Davidoff highlights the five critical factors that successful implementations follow. He discusses some of the most common mistakes, shares how to avoid them and provides the milestones to help you build your roadmap to success.

Jeff-Coyle14. The State of Natural Language Generation, Jeff Coyle, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, MarketMuse

Recent advancements in natural language generation have made it possible to craft 100% unique long-form articles from scratch. In this Course, MarketMuse Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Jeff Coyle discusses significant developments in NLG that have happened over the past year and how this benefits content marketers. Participants in this beginner-oriented session will learn about different approaches to NLG, their benefits and drawbacks, and where they are best suited.

Tim-Hayden15. Privacy & Profits in 2020: Putting AI to Work, Tim Hayden, Managing Partner, Brain + Trust Partners

As 2020 has already shown, the decade ahead will be nothing like any decade behind us. Marketers are increasingly required to compete with Google and Amazon, as each provides voice-controlled utility for on-demand search and frictionless commerce to 1/4 of Americans 18+.

Under such influence, customers expect a personalized experience from every brand, at every touch point. To compound the challenge, the California Consumer Privacy Act and other similar laws going into force amid poor systems integration make it difficult for marketers to deliver contextually-relevant content to current customers, much less unknown prospective buyers.

Let's discuss the critical need to unify your current customer data and capitalize on personalization in order to reduce digital operations expenses, while scaling success across all customer experience efforts.

Bart16. Smart Content Planning: How AI Enables You to Continually Improve Content Strategy, Bart Frischknecht, CEO & Founder, Cobomba

As a marketer, you have undoubtedly felt the pressure to ensure that your content is leading to increased traffic, engagement, retention and, ultimately, your organization's overall business objectives. AI can help here, but only if you have the right fundamentals in place. 

During this Course, Bart Frischknecht introduces a smart content planning framework that will set you up for success so that AI can play an increasingly important role in your content strategy.

Paul-Roetzer-1Paul Roetzer, Marketing AI Institute founder and AI Academy for Marketers creator, will also teach the following three Short Courses: 

17. How To Buy Smarter Marketing Technology

Traditional marketing is all human, all the time. But, the landscape has changed. Leading brands know that in order to deliver the personalization and experiences modern consumers expect, marketing must become smarter. It must become marketer + machine.

AI doesn’t replace marketers, it augments your knowledge and capabilities. AI gives you superpowers. It’s time to discover yours.

This Course teaches you how to:

  • Discover AI uses cases for our business.
  • Evaluate and rate AI-powered technologies.
  • Integrate AI solutions into your marketing technology stack, team and strategies.

18. Piloting AI: How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence

How do you get started with marketing AI? The short answer is quick-win pilot projects with narrowly defined use cases and high probabilities of success. That’s how you build executive support for the longer term vision and transformation.

From audience targeting, to content strategy, to SEO, media buying, email writing, and forecasting conversions and churn, hundreds of activities marketers perform every day will be intelligently automated to some degree in the near future.

Piloting AI goes beyond the splashy headlines and buzzwords to explore a practical framework that makes AI approachable and actionable for marketers.

You’ll come away with:

  • A clear understanding of marketing AI.
  • Tips on how to identify quick-win pilot projects.
  • Steps to solve marketing challenges more efficiently.

19. The Cognitive Content Hub: How to Build a More (Artificially) Intelligent Content Engine

How much will AI impact your job as a marketer in the next two years? Probably way more than you think.

This Course explores the implications of AI on content marketing and provides a step-by-step framework that marries human and AI to scale your content and grow your business.

At the end of this Course, you will be able to:

  • Follow a practical method for building more intelligent content strategies.
  • Draw from dozens of uses cases on AI to increase the efficiency and performance of your content.
  • Discover a collection of AI-powered content marketing technologies.

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