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25+ Tactical Ways to Use AI in Marketing Right Now

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You can get started with AI in marketing right now, even if you don’t have a technical background.

That’s the key takeaway from my talk at the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON) 2021. In it, I offered marketers and business leaders more than 25 different ways to use AI for marketing right now.

For each example, I also shared tools we use at Marketing AI Institute to accomplish each one—or tools you might investigate further for the use case.

Below is a quick-hitting rundown…

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  1. Brainstorm content topics. At Marketing AI Institute, we use a combination of MarketMuse, an AI-powered content strategy tool, and HubSpot, which has some AI features related to topic formulation.
  2. Find ranking opportunities. We use MarketMuse to identify the topics we can most easily rank for, based on our site’s personalized difficulty for that topic.
  3. Create SEO briefs. MarketMuse also generates content briefs for us, which tell us exactly what to write to comprehensively cover the topics we’ve selected.
  4. Build competitive heatmaps. We also use MarketMuse to see what competing content covers, so we can also cover those areas. This also shows us gaps in the competition’s content strategies.
  5. Outline content automatically. Frase helps us briefly outline subheadings for a post and extract interesting points from other articles to include.
  6. Write content automatically. We’ve experimented with tools like HyperWrite and Jasper to generate some or all of the content needed for posts.
  7. Edit content for grammar and tone. We deploy Grammarly for AI-powered editing, so we can both edit better and edit in a more standardized way across teams.
  8. Optimize existing content. MarketMuse tells us exactly how to update our existing content to rank better, which is also a key piece of our content strategy.
  9. Answer questions about data. We use Google Analytics’ AI-powered insights tool to answer questions about our data in a faster and easier way.
  10. Optimize and manage Google Ads. In the past, we’ve used WordStream, an AI-powered ad tool, to fully optimize our Google Ads performance.
  11. Predict Facebook ad performance. We’ve also used a tool called Pattern89 in the past to predict the success of visual elements in our Facebook ads.
  12. Write ad headlines. Jasper helps us write better headlines for ads, generating a lot of options we can then test using A/B testing functionality in ad platforms.
  13. Automatically optimize advertising. If you’re a bigger brand spending lots of money on ads, Albert can actually run your ad campaigns for you and optimize budget automatically.
  14. Write email subject lines. We also experiment with having Jasper write us email subject lines to test.
  15. Automatically create newsletters. If you create a regular newsletter, AI-powered tool rasa.io can automatically create it for you—and personalize it to each individual reader.
  16. Deduplicate CRM records. We use HubSpot’s AI-enabled deduplication capabilities to remove duplicate records easily from our CRM.
  17. Answer user questions. Frase also offers an AI-powered answer engine that uses our existing content to answer user questions.
  18. Automatically qualify leads. If you’d like to qualify leads 24/7, conversational AI like Drift can talk with site visitors any time of day.
  19. Automatically nurture leads. Bots like Exceed.ai can also be used to have full conversations with all leads that come in, so no one falls through the cracks.
  20. Write messages that convert. Persado uses behavioral profiles to create messages tailored to how visitors best consume information, serving them the right message at the right time.
  21. Edit audio/video easily. We depend on AI from Descript to help us edit audio and video quickly and professionally, without a technical video background.
  22. Transcribe audio/video automatically. We use Otter.ai to automatically transcribe audio and video using AI. The tool even calls out keywords and speakers.
  23. Create presentation decks. We often use Beautiful.ai to augment our design capabilities. Its AI will automatically shift your deck layouts to follow best design practices as you edit.
  24. Create and rate logos. Need a quick logo? AI can help. BrandMark automatically generates dozens of logo options with product/company name and design elements you like.
  25. Automate brand creative. An AI tool like Celtra automatically scales your designs across different types of digital creative once you give it an initial seed piece of creative.
  26. Build a global customer experience. If you’re a global business, AI from Lilt can standardize translation and QA across different languages and localizations.
  27. Get more from your existing tech stack. Last but not least, there’s a good chance the martech tools you already have are starting to use AI in some way. Don’t forget to explore their AI capabilities.

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