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6 Scary Smart AI Tools That Can Boost Sales

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Every salesperson on the planet has the same problem—and there’s only one way to solve it.

The problem:

Get in front of more qualified prospects more often to close more business.

The solution:

Either learn to clone yourself or invent time travel...

Or use artificial intelligence.

AI tools can now help salespeople scale themselves. 

Using AI, today's forward-thinking sales teams:

  • Automate tedious, time-consuming tasks, so they spend more time closing deals.
  • Perform more sales activities much faster or completely automatically, so they reach more prospects in less time.
  • Uncover more opportunities and close more business.

What specific tools are they using to do this?

Glad you asked.

At Marketing AI Institute, we've spent years researching and applying AI for marketing and sales.

In the process, we've identified tools that use AI in sales to help you do more with less and close more business.

1. Drift

Drift helps businesses use conversations to remove friction from their buying process with chat, email, video, and automation products. These products, powered by machine learning, work together to qualify leads 24/7 — essentially cloning your top sales reps.

2. Conversica

Conversica offers AI assistants that engage with every lead that lands on your website, by using AI to automatically contact, converse with, and tailor responses to them. 

3. Gong

With over $133 million in funding, Gong uses AI to "clone" your most successful sales reps by tracking customer interactions and analyzing them to determine what's working best.

4. Node

Using proprietary AI, Node sifts through online data to identify potential new customers. It also analyzes your target buyers, then delivers more of them to you. Through it all, the tool uses what it learns to improve further its predictive power. It’s like having a crystal ball that not only tells you who your ideal customers are, but also drops them right in your sales pipeline.

5. Crayon

Crayon's AI-powered competitive intelligence tool tracks 100+ data types across hundreds of millions of sources to tell you exactly what competitors are up to online. This information is then used to automatically build and update sales battlecards that get results.

6. Exceed

Exceed uses AI to engage with every sales lead that enters your pipeline, using human-like, two-way conversations by email and chat.

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