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3 Brands Scaling Content Creation with AI

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Generative AI is everywhere. How can you get started? How can you and your team understand the potential of AI? These case studies* can help:

Adore Me Scales Content Production with AI

Ranjan Roy, VP of Strategy at Adore Me, a direct-to-consumer women's intimate apparel brand, accelerated his team’s content production process by automating away repetitive writing tasks and aligning team members on sustainability language using AI from Writer (specifically, it's CoWrite tool).

The Adore Me team uses AI to:

  • Write product descriptions automatically, saving them thousands of hours a year
  • Automatically enforce environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance
  • Free up resources so team members can work on more high-impact projects

Roy said, “The way we approach any task now, with CoWrite in mind, is asking the questions: ‘How structured is the writing, and the data that’s underlying each individual output?’ and ‘How repetitive and boring is this for the writer themselves? Do they want to express themselves in every output?’”

Read more on how Adore Me put AI into action.

UiPath Scales Content and Improves Brand Alignment with AI

Blog post - Writer case studiesTy Magnin, Director of Content & Web Marketing and Kate McDaniel, Blog and Web Editor of Global Content at UiPath, a global software company that makes robotic process automation software, worked cross-functionally to scale content and align their brand across UiPath.

Marketing, product, and documentation teams at UiPath use AI to:

  • Have a single source of truth for the UiPath style guide and taxonomy
  • Communicate brand language decisions across the company
  • Rephrase content to align with their brand voice
  • Automate editing and copy review cycles

Mangin said, “Brand is becoming more and more important to help differentiate between competitive software companies.” McDaniels continued, “So right from the beginning the problem was, wherever you are in the company, what’s the single source of truth for identifying how to format a product name correctly or how to write and sound like UiPath?”

Read more on how UiPath put AI into action.

Alva Labs Builds a Brand Voice with AI

Blog post - Writer case studiesJeremy Cothran is the Brand and Creative Lead at Alva Labs. He championed Writer at Alva, where Writer is used across marketing, sales, and support teams.

Alva’s teams use AI to:

  • Build a brand voice around Alva’s four value pillars
  • Publish a style guide with editorial rules and consistent terminology
  • Enable everyone at Alva Labs to write with confidence

Cothran said, “Writer takes away the burden for me of needing to spend a lot of time on a document. Line editing, correcting punctuation and grammar, etc, so that I can spend more time giving more strategic feedback. Some of our content production staff are not native English speakers, so Writer really helps them get up to speed in producing high-quality content without them having to spend significant time.”

Read more about how Alva Labs put AI into action.

Learn more about these brands’ successes with AI and Writer by getting access to the recording of our Dec. 15 webinar, How to Scale Your Team’s Impact with AI featuring Writer.

*Excerpts from Adore Me, UiPath, and Alva Labs case studies taken from the Writer blog.

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