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Discover Dozens of Marketing AI Use Cases and Personalized Vendor Recommendations

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You use artificial intelligence dozens, if not hundreds, of times everyday. From choosing recommended shows on Netflix, to navigating trips in Google Maps, asking questions of Siri and Alexa, ordering products on Amazon, reading your Facebook Newsfeed, and unlocking the iPhone with facial recognition. 

In short, your life is already machine assisted, and your marketing will be too

AI makes things more convenient, more simple, and more personalized. And, the real magic of AI is that consumers often have no idea it’s there. Things just work, better.

Marketers who take the initiative to find AI-powered solutions will be able to intelligently automate time-intensive, data-driven activities, and execute personalized campaigns of unprecedented complexity that drive powerful business results. 

But, how do you get started? 

How do you figure out which use cases to prioritize? And, how do you navigate the hundreds of vendors touting AI and machine learning capabilities?

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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term for a collection of powerful tools, technologies and algorithms used to make machines smart, which, in turn, enhance human knowledge and capabilities.

AI includes popular terms such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, natural language generation, and image recognition, all of which give brands the power to drive unparalleled productivity, profitability and performance. The early adopters will have a distinct, and potentially insurmountable, competitive advantage.

But, AI in marketing is a crowded and confusing space with lots of hype and buzzwords. It’s hard for marketers to find the AI technologies they can trust to move their brands, and careers, forward. 

A Mission to Make Artificial Intelligence Approachable and Actionable

PR 20/20 launched Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute in November 2016 with the mission to: “Educate modern marketers on the present and future potential of artificial intelligence, and connect them with AI-powered technologies that can drive marketing performance and transform their careers.” 

Since that time, we’ve:

  • Published more than 700 articles on the Institute blog.  
  • Written spotlights on 70+ AI-powered vendors. 
  • Presented dozens of AI keynotes and workshops at conferences around the world.
  • Launched the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON), which drew 300 attendees from 12 countries in its inaugural year.
  • Introduced AI Academy for Marketers, an online education platform and community that features dozens of on-demand courses and certifications.

And, now, we’re releasing a fully updated version of AI Score for MarketersTM, an online assessment tool that enables you to explore and rate dozens of AI use cases, and get personalized recommendations for AI-powered vendors. 

Originally released in 2018, version 2 features 13 survey questions, and 45+ sample AI use cases for you to rate.

Upon completing the assessment, you immediately unlock access to your AI Score results page, which surfaces the use cases that you rate as high priorities, along with personalized recommendations for AI-powered vendors.   

Let’s take a look at how AI Score works.

Complete AI Score by Dec. 21, 2020 to Take Part in The State of Marketing AI Industry Report

Marketing AI Institute has teamed up with Drift to gain unparalleled insights into the awareness, understanding, and adoption of AI throughout the marketing industry. 

Your anonymized AI Score responses will become part of this groundbreaking research, and you will get early access to the findings, one week before the public release of the State of the Marketing AI Industry Report in February 2021. 

In addition, we will select random participants to receive one-year memberships to the AI Academy for Marketers ($999 value) online education platform and community.

The research period runs Oct. 12 - Dec. 21, 2020

Don’t miss the chance to offer your insights and experiences, while exploring AI use cases and technologies that can help create a competitive advantage for you, and your business. 

An Inside Look at AI Score for Marketers (v2)

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 3.00.44 PM

AI Score for Marketers gives you the ability to rate the value to intelligently automate 45+ marketing AI use cases using the 5Ps of AI framework:

  • Planning: Building intelligent strategies.
  • Production: Creating intelligent content.
  • Personalization: Powering intelligent consumer experiences.
  • Promotion: Managing intelligent cross-channel promotions.
  • Performance: Turning data into intelligence. 

We devised the 5Ps to help visualize and organize use cases and the marketing AI technology landscape. It will evolve as the market shifts and as we develop a deeper understanding of AI and its implications on the industry. But, for now, hopefully it helps you better comprehend the vast potential of AI to enhance your capabilities as a marketer. 

Rate Use Cases

In each section you’re asked the same question, “Assuming AI technology could be applied, how valuable would it be for your team to intelligently automate each use case?” 

Use cases are rated on a 1 - 5 scale (1 = no value, 2 = minimal value, 3 = moderate value, 4 = high value, 5 = transformative). For each use case consider the potential time and money saved, and the increased probability of achieving business goals. 

Sample use cases include:

  • Allocate and adjust marketing budgets. (Planning)
  • Analyze existing online content for gaps and opportunities. (Planning)
  • Analyze and edit content for grammar, sentiment, tone and style. (Production)
  • Create data-driven content. (Production)
  • Customize email nurturing workflows and content. (Personalization)
  • Determine offers that will motivate individuals to action. (Personalization)
  • Adapt audience targeting based on behavior and lookalike analysis. (Promotion)
  • Adjust digital ad spend in real-time based on performance. (Promotion)
  • Create performance report narratives based on marketing data. (Performance)
  • Determine which teams, channels and campaigns get credit for conversions. (Performance)

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 3.02.51 PM

Production section with sample use case and slider-scale rating.

Get Your Results

The final report page surfaces all use cases you rate 3 - 5, and provides vendor match recommendations based on your ratings. You also receive an overall AI Score, as well as section-by-section scores that are designed to help prioritize your research in the areas you value highest. 

The assessment takes 7 - 10 minutes. Contact information isn’t required to get your results, but, be sure to include your email address on the Profile page if you want to periodically receive benchmark reports, assessment version updates (in case you want to check out new use cases and vendors), and alerts for educational opportunities and events.

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 3.04.54 PM

Report page showing overall AI Score, Planning section score and use cases that were rated 3 - 5 in the assessment.

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 3.05.56 PM

Report page showing Production section score, use cases rated 3 - 5 in the assessment, and a sample vendor card for Drift.

Take Action

AI Score for Marketers gives you the ability to explore vendors and start building your competitive advantage through AI, one use case at a time. Once you complete your assessment, here are three steps to get you moving forward:

  1. Evaluate repetitive, manual marketing tasks that could be intelligently automated. Start with use cases above that you've scored 3 - 5.
  2. Assess opportunities to get more out of your data—discover insights, predict outcomes, devise strategies, personalize content and tell stories at scale.
  3. Consider the AI capabilities of your existing marketing technology, and explore the potential of emerging AI solutions. Check out our free webinar, How to Use the Marketer-to-Machine Scale to Buy AI Technology, to learn how to assess vendors.

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