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How Conversational AI Can Improve Your Customer Relationships

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How your customers interact with your brand is vital to your company’s image. In this post, you are going to learn what conversational AI is and how it can help your company grow in ways that your competitors can’t.

These insights came from May AI Help You? Marketing in the Age of Conversational AI, an AI Academy for Marketers course presented by Christi Olson (@ChristiJOlson) of Microsoft

What is conversational AI?

When you think of conversational AI, you think of voice search. However, this kind of AI also includes chatbots, digital assistants, voice skills, and voice search. Here is a breakdown of each:

  • Digital Assistants. Your conversational AI tool doesn't just respond back to customers with pre-programmed responses. Digital assistants can learn how to engage the customer through interacting with them, by understanding what it is they are saying, and responding to them based on their needs.
  • Chatbots. These bots facilitate the conversation and learn over time how to better engage the customer.
  • Voice Search. This is where customers will verbally ask a question and have a response stated back to them by a voice assistant.

Conversational AI considerations

When deploying conversational AI, it's important to analyze its contribution to consumers. Here are three things to consider.

  1. Need. Establish what needs your AI fills. Think about what problems it helps solve for your consumer base.
  2. Interface and Interaction. Ask yourself what experience is being offered and through which device. Is the type of interaction conversational, commanding, understanding?
  3. Discoverability. Make sure you have a plan that allows your customer base to find you conversational AI once released. If you are not going to market it, it will not be put to use.

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