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How to Prevent Bias in Marketing AI [Workshop]

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Data is the lifeblood of AI solutions. Without it, AI does not have the information it needs to recognize patterns, learn tasks, nor output helpful results.

In marketing AI, there are endless data points marketers use when designing or implementing AI tools. Think: customer profiles, blog content, search queries, and client testimonials, to name a few.  

However, using the wrong data—or selecting a vendor that uses data improperly—can have a detrimental impact on your project, brand, and society as a whole. As a next-gen marketer, it is your responsibility to understand the impact of using harmful data and how to prevent it.

But, you’re not alone. At the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON) 2022, you will have the opportunity to attend an expert-led workshop, specifically focused on using AI responsibly. Continue reading to learn more.  

About the Responsible AI Workshop (Register Here)

Led by Cal Al-Dhubaib, CEO and AI Strategist at Pandata, the interactive Responsible AI Workshop will feature ethics and the appropriate use of data, as it relates to ownership, consent, privacy, and transparency.

In the session, you will learn:

  • About the biases that could be hidden in your datasets, processes, and marketing strategies.
  • Best practices to design more ethical AI systems.
  • Frameworks to hold marketing AI vendors accountable for their use of data.

During this workshop, you will also have the chance to participate in small-group discussions and role-play scenarios to truly understand how bias can creep into the data your marketing AI tools are using.

Attendees will leave this workshop not only with a greater understanding of bias in AI, but also an Ethical AI Checklist for Marketers, outlining the core principles every decision should be evaluated against to ensure the responsible use of marketing AI.

This is the perfect starting point for any organization seeking to perform profitable next-gen marketing activities in an ethical, humane way.

Meet CEO and AI Strategist, Cal Al-Dhubaib

Cal Al-Dhubaib is the Founder/CEO and AI Strategist of Pandata, a Cleveland-based AI design and development firm that helps companies solve their most complex business challenges with trustworthy artificial intelligence solutions. Cal’s commitment to diversity and ethics is centered at the heart of his work.

Years of experience as a data scientist and AI strategist have given Cal deep expertise in how business leaders can use AI to drive growth and improve outcomes. He is a technical expert on topics like:

  • Applying machine learning to develop new AI capabilities.
  • Ethical challenges around AI, like bias and explainability.
  • How AI is used (and should be used) by top companies.

Cal is especially passionate about inclusive workforce development, where he advocates for careers and educational pathways in data science.

Cal has received recognition in Crain’s Cleveland Twenty in their 20s and Notable Immigrant Leaders, and Smart Business’s Technology Awards and Smart 50 Awards. Most recently, he was named as a Cleveland 2021 Notable Entrepreneur. You can learn more about Cal here.

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Content from Cal

AI + Humans Is The Superpower Your Organisation Needs

Over the last several years, we’ve seen exciting developments in AI and business: Chatbots are getting smarter, companies are using AI to humanize their brands at scale, and natural language processing tools are rapidly becoming commoditized. Yet, many organizations are still struggling to scale AI. Why? They’re failing to recognize the key role humans still play in AI development and deployment. In this Forbes article, Cal explains how to cultivate the right team members for AI success.

With AI comes great responsibility. As marketers, it is our job to ask the right questions both internally and of AI vendors, and to critically evaluate the impact your decisions could have on stakeholders.

Join us, Cal and 300+ other next-gen marketers at MAICON 2022 Aug 3-5, 2022 to learn how you can start to responsibly leverage AI.

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