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[New Book Launch] Marketing Artificial Intelligence: AI, Marketing, and the Future of Business

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A new book from Marketing AI Institute Founder and CEO Paul Roetzer and Chief Content Officer Mike Kaput releases today.

Artificial intelligence is forecasted to have trillions of dollars of impact on businesses and the economy, yet many marketers struggle to understand what it is and how to apply it in their marketing efforts.

The truth is, AI possesses the power to change everything.

While AI-powered marketing technologies may never achieve the sci-fi vision of self-running, self-improving autonomous systems, a little bit of AI can go a long way toward dramatically increasing productivity, efficiency, and performance.

Marketing AI Institute’s Founder & CEO, Paul Roetzer, and Chief Content Officer, Mike Kaput, join forces to show marketers how to embrace AI and make it their competitive advantage.

Marketing Artificial Intelligence draws on years of research and dozens of interviews with AI marketers, executives, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Roetzer and Kaput present the current potential of AI, as well as a glimpse into a near future in which marketers and machines work seamlessly to run personalized campaigns of unprecedented complexity with unimaginable simplicity.

The book has been called "a vital roadmap to plan and deploy AI in marketing, regardless of industry or company size" by Brighton Jones CMO John Dougherty. 

For a preview of what's in the book, see the Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents

  • BookIntroduction
  • Chapter 1: The Science of Making Marketing Smart
  • Chapter 2: Language, Vision, and Prediction
  • Chapter 3: The Marketer-to-Machine Scale
  • Chapter 4: Getting Started with Marketing AI
  • Chapter 5: Advertising and AI
  • Chapter 6: Analytics and AI
  • Chapter 7: Communications, PR, and AI
  • Chapter 8: Content Marketing and AI
  • Chapter 9: Customer Service and AI
  • Chapter 10: Ecommerce and AI
  • Chapter 11: Email Marketing and AI
  • Chapter 12: Sales and AI
  • Chapter 13: SEO and AI
  • Chapter 14: Social Media Marketing and AI
  • Chapter 15: Scaling AI
  • Chapter 16: More Human
  • Chapter 17: AI and You

Available Now on Amazon

Marketing Artificial Intelligence is available now on Amazon in Kindle, audiobook, and hardcover versions. Click the button below to buy it now.

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