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How to Drive Faster Sales Without Hiring More Reps

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Editor's Note: This is a sponsored blog post from Marketing AI Institute partner Exceed.

The road from marketing-qualified lead to sales-qualified lead can be a long one, and it’s a road that seems to have more exits than on-ramps.

But this process can—and must—be sped up to increase your lead conversion rate. Unfortunately, lead conversion often stalls due to slow follow-up on qualified leads.

There is a better way.

Conversational marketing is a method of engaging with website visitors and existing leads in conversation at all stages of the marketing funnel. This style of marketing puts a focus on conversations and not simply one-way transmission.

Conversational marketing relies of artificial intelligence to respond quickly to leads in a human-sounding way, regardless of lead volume.

Instead of hiring beyond your plans and budget, conversational marketing AI can provide a sustainable, effective, and scalable way to drive qualified pipeline 24/7.

Automation and AI don’t get tired, they can’t have too much on their plate, and they never get frustrated in the face of failure. The lead often doesn’t even realize they aren’t communicating with a flesh-and-blood salesperson when they’re speaking to conversational AI.

But how do you actually get started with conversational AI to get real results in your business?

A free guide from Exceed is here to help.

The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Marketing is a comprehensive resource jam-packed with expert tips on how to understand and deploy AI-powered conversational marketing.

In the guide, you'll learn how to use conversational marketing to:

  • Drive faster sales at a lower cost than hiring more reps.
  • Discover which leads are ready to talk to sales.
  • Find qualified prospects hiding in your leads.
  • Book qualified meetings on your reps calendar.
  • Stop wasting time chasing unqualified leads.

It's your one-stop resource for everything conversational marketing—designed to jumpstart your use of conversational AI.

Click here to get the guide.


Exceed.ai helps marketing teams drive pipeline growth with automated, targeted, two-way conversations. When a qualified lead is ready to talk to a human, Exceed.ai's AI Assistant books a meeting directly on the sales rep’s calendar. Learn more here.

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