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How AI Can Motivate Your Customers to Engage and Act

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When measuring customer engagement, you often look at pageviews, time on page, bounce rate, pages per session, and more. It’s expected that a small percentage of those engaged will lead to action and conversion. Why have we settled with that small percentage?

While every piece of content doesn’t need to translate to an immediate sale, it should all work toward a goal of further action: A subscription, another signup, or measurable interest in your product or service.

By modifying and personalizing language, marketers can better appeal to customers and prospects with language that resonates, motivates, and inspires action.

 Motivation AI centers on four key technology principles:*

  • Developing a unique classification for language for communications
  • Tagging or labeling vast numbers of language iterations
  • Applying advanced decisioning engines with predictive algorithms
  • Applying deep learning models with classification and rich interaction data

*Adapted from Persado’s What is Motivation AI?

Motivation AI technology doesn’t need to change the message…it simply helps the message hit personal pain points better…helping your message “click” with your customer…leading to another “click.”

How AI Can Motivate Your Customers to Engage

Join us on Sept. 1 at 12pm ET/9am PT for our free, virtual AI in Action event, How AI Can Motivate Your Customers to Engage. During the session, Lisa Spira, Head of Content Intelligence at Persado, and Brianna O’Hara, Director of Product Marketing at Persado, will explain Motivation AI and what this means for marketers today.

They’ll explore key customer insights from a decade’s worth of AI experimentation and language analysis, and they’ll help answer the question, “What motivates customers to engage and act?”

Over the past decade, Persado has leveraged 100 billion digital impressions, 1.2 billion consumer engagements, and the equivalent of 645 years of A/B tests to answer that question. The evolution of AI language generation into an AI purpose-built to motivate customers is set to maximize the scale of conversion-driving brand communications.

And now, you can learn from what Motivation AI surfaced over the past three years: the language and motivators that inspired individuals to engage and act. When you sign up for the event, you'll get an inside look at the Motivation AI platform and discover:

  • Key trends and motivators over the last three years of customer engagement
  • How context shifts motivation to engage and what that means for brands
  • Best practices from our clients’ campaigns that drive conversion

Register now for Persado’s AI in Action webinar, hosted by Marketing AI Institute founder and CEO Paul Roetzer.

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