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How Should I Vet AI Vendors? [Video]

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Editor's Note: This is the fourth video in a series, created in collaboration with HubSpot.

There are thousands of companies, both established players and well-funded startups, building new AI technology and integrating it into existing products. But there is plenty of hype and plenty of uncertainty around AI, which can make evaluating AI-powered vendors and their claims challenging.

So what are the top AI-powered vendors in the market today? How do you identify the best vendors and better understand their products? And how do you evaluate and purchase AI-powered solutions?

In this video, Paul Roetzer, founder and CEO of Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, explains how to identify the best AI-powered vendors and which questions to ask as you evaluate and purchase AI-powered technology.

Watch the video below. 



Here’s a snapshot of the other episodes in this series:

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