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Pattern89’s Forecast Report Predicts Which Digital Creative Will Perform the Best for Marketers in Q4

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Editor's Note: This is a sponsored blog post from Marketing AI Institute partner Pattern89.

It’s safe to say that almost everything has felt unexpected this year. 

But despite how 2020 has turned out, can marketers still depend on tried-and-true campaigns and communications? Or rather, are there ways we can lean into new tech, like artificial intelligence, to get a better handle on our unprecedented world? 

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can predict what’s in store for digital advertising. And we can do that right now!

Data science is the linchpin in today’s marketing world. Luckily, teams can use a combination of data science, artificial intelligence and human creativity to predict creative performance for their digital ads. Despite the craziness 2020 throws our way, marketers can still predict what images, colors, facial expressions, and more will deliver the best outcomes for their campaigns, advertising and social channels.

In Pattern89’s Q4 2020 Creative Forecast, artificial intelligence predicts which image assets will perform the best for digital marketers. Check out its trend predictions below, and download the full report for a more in-depth look at what creative will be trending tomorrow.

Let’s look at the past to determine the future. 

To predict the creative future, we have to learn from the past. By analyzing historic trends over the past several years, and combining those observations with an analysis of 2020’s trending creative, AI is able to predict creative performance with over 95% accuracy.

So what creative content performed well for digital marketers in 2019? 

In regards to advertising, the imagery in 2019’s Q4 that delivered the highest CTRs (click through rates) contained:

The most cost-effective colors for advertisers to embrace were: 

However, none of these trends are projected to win big this year. Here’s a look at what will be trending soon… 

Looking ahead: What will trend tomorrow?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. 2020 has been a wild ride.

Everything, from cultural attitudes to how marketing teams collaborate, has changed in a few short months. Despite the unexpectedness, data is able to give creatives the answers they need to run successful campaigns. 

For this year’s Q4, Pattern89 predicts that the following images will see the largest upticks in CTRs: 

Top performing image colors, in terms of cost effectiveness, will be: 

Combining these trends will drive more success for ad campaigns. 

Knowing this information provides a unique opportunity for marketers to publish their best campaigns from the get-go, and continue running them at peak performance as creative trends shift.

How are these trends, and others, discovered? 

Marketing has always been a bit of a guessing game. While you can study metrics all day long, marketers have always had to trust their instincts on what creative will work.

While the marketing world still needs this creative intuition, artificial intelligence can remove all uncertainty from the equation. 

Along with the trends outlined above, Pattern89’s AI has also projected: 

  • How many faces your images should have in them.
  • Which images to stay away from this holiday season.
  • The best ways to utilize hashtags in your marketing.
  • How to present customer testimonials in ads.
  • Which “best practices” will provide the best returns in Q4.

As you strategize creative marketing for 2020’s holiday season, you can plan ahead with the answers. Take a look at 10+ pages, and hundreds of creative predictions, in Pattern89’s latest Creative Forecast Report. 

Download the Free Report to Take Your Creative Ads to the Top

Download the report to plan your most successful creative yet, no matter what 2020 throws your way.


Pattern89 combines the power of unprecedented Facebook and Instagram advertiser data to predict winning digital creative for marketers. Click here to learn more

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