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Reach Your Ideal Customers in Unexpected Places with AI

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Digital fatigue is real. We’re all experiencing it as marketers and as consumers. As brands work to gain share of voice in a fragmented digital marketplace, they’re looking in alternate and unexpected places to reach consumers. And it’s a great idea. With some semblance of normalcy returning to the world, consumer travel and activities on the rise, and most adults in need of a digital detox, we marketers need to look outside computers and phone screens to reach customers and prospects. 

What exactly is it that makes out-of-home (OOH) advertising such an effective channel for a digitally exhausted audience?

The benefits: 

  • Unblockable - Unlike digital ads, people can't block them or hit that skip button – they're bound to get noticed multiple times.
  • Endless Creative Possibilities - Don't let your brand image be restrained by pixels. 
  • Increase Authority and Brand "Stickiness" - Being seen on a billboard keeps your brand top of mind and increases your brand authority.

OOH helps your campaigns:

  • Be Seen Where They Need to Be - For example, spreading the word about paleo ice cream on EV charging stations outside an organic grocery store.
  • Be Seen Often - OOH ads feature your brand in the places they are already going, possibly multiple times.

Source: OneScreen.ai

Old-school OOH included a lot of time, unattributable media, and expensive production costs. With the help of artificial intelligence, OOH is now a slick, agile, measurable medium that can reach your consumers wherever they are. If you imagine the location, there’s probably an advertising opportunity that exists. Learn more in our upcoming event: 

Reach your ideal customer in unexpected places with OOH + AI

To learn more about how to reach your ideal customer, watch our free on-demand webinar, Reach your ideal customer in unexpected places with OOH + AI. During the session, Jeanne Hopkins, CRO of OneScreen.ai, explains how to use AI to target the best locations to reach your customers.

Brand new research shows that 84% of companies that leverage out-of-home advertising (OOH) — think billboards, taxi toppers, and wrapped trains — say their company often struggles with choosing the best OOH medium for their business. And even once the medium is determined, six in 10 say their company often struggles with choosing the best location for OOH advertising. 

With tools like Persona Builder and PlaceRankTM, OneScreen.ai is helping performance marketers who expect targetable brand campaigns realize the value of OOH.

Join OneScreen.ai's Jeanne Hopkins and Marketing AI Institute's Paul Roetzer as they share a first look at new OOH industry research, the traditional challenges of the medium, and how companies like OneScreen.ai are building solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to solve these problems. 

You’ll leave understanding:

  • AI’s place in the OOH industry
  • Opportunities that exist for brands to scale more intelligent programs with lower CPMs
  • How the data and analytics garnered in AI-powered OOH campaigns can be the foundation of more strategic business decisions

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