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How AI Can Help Google Love Your Content

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Are you writing content for your customers, or are you writing for search engines?

You *should* be writing content that resonates with your customers, but you also need to make sure you’re doing whatever it takes for your content to rank. But why does writing for search engines—specifically Google—get a bad rap? Epic content needs to be seen. Ensuring that visibility is critical to your success.

Here are several ways* to start creating and optimizing content more intelligently:

  1. Determine who is searching for the topic you’ll be writing about and what they’re looking to get from your content.
  2. Determine the questions people ask about a topic to ensure your content is timely, relevant, and helpful.
  3. Write an engaging title that is clear, concise, and actionable. 
  4. Consider subtopics and other terms to improve rankings and hit on key pain points.
  5. Mention the topic and subtopics to establish topical authority.
  6. Link to internal pages to increase time spent on site and continue to build authority.
  7. Link to external pages and tie back to subtopics.

*This list is modified from MarketMuse’s How To Write a Blog Post for SEO report. 

Artificial intelligence can make this process more intelligent, effective, and efficient. Want to learn how? Keep reading: we’ve got you covered.

How AI Helps Google Love Your Content

Get immediate on-demand access to our AI in Action event, How AI Can Help Google Love Your Content. During the session, Jeff Coyle, co-founder of AI-powered content platform MarketMuse, helps us understand how SEO, content strategy, and artificial intelligence all work together to make your content timely, relevant, and FOUND. 

Recent news stories and op-eds have said that Google will penalize websites and content written using artificial intelligence. Yes, if copy is used verbatim, if the output is nonsense, or if it isn’t factual or complete, search engines recognize that. 

However, AI can help at all stages of the content marketing lifecycle beyond just writing—including helping with researching, planning, briefing, editing, refreshing, and optimizing. AI can do much of the manual work for you, so you can focus on creating high-quality content your audience will love and search engines will reward.

In this AI in Action session, you’ll learn how: 

  • To increase organic traffic and leads generated via content while lowering customer acquisition costs.
  • Artificial intelligence can make SEO understandable and actionable to content teams of all sizes and all levels.
  • To create efficiencies throughout all stages of your process.
  • One bad page can affect your whole website, and how AI can identify and mitigate issues while you still have time to fix them.

In the process, you can also get access to our other two AI in Action sessions:

  • How AI Can Power Your Ad Campaigns — Discover how AI can hyper-target ad campaigns at scale to produce success from experts at AiAdvertising, an AI-powered ad platform.
  • How AI Can Motivate Your Customers to Engage and Act — Learn how to use AI to personalized messaging at scale from the experts at Persado, an AI-powered language platform.

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