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ChatGPT Is About to Change Knowledge Work and We’re Not Ready

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The way we all work is about to change in major ways thanks to ChatGPT—and few are ready for how fast this is about to happen.

In a new TED Talk, OpenAI co-founder and president Greg Brockman shows off the power and potential of the all-new ChatGPT plugins

And the results are stunning.

Thanks to ChatGPT plugins, ChatGPT can now browse the internet and interact with third-party services and applications. In the talk, Brockman shows off how knowledge workers will soon work hand-in-hand with machines—and how this is going to start changing things months (or even weeks) from now, not years.

In the talk, Brockman illustrates how AI agents will be able to take actions in the real world to help us with our work.

What does this mean for your career and work moving forward?

I spoke to Marketing AI Institute co-founder and CEO Paul Roetzer on Episode 44 of the Marketing AI Show. Here’s his advice…

  1. This was not a PR stunt. Google recently did a 60 Minutes interview. Elon Musk just did a controversial appearance on FOX News. Both of those appeared to be blatant PR stunts, says Roetzer. This was something different.
  2. It was an authentic demo of real-world technology. Brockman kept the hype to a minimum, instead showing the audience how powerful ChatGPT plugins could be. “To watch this pure demonstration of real world technology with real world use cases was a breath of fresh air in a week of PR bluster,” says Roetzer.
  3. The key to it was showing off AI taking action in the real world. Brockman ran through stunning examples of how ChatGPT could do things like look at an image of a meal, then build a shopping list. Or how it could answer natural language questions of Excel data. Both examples showed the sheer power of AI being able to take a complex prompt, then execute real-world steps to complete it on its own.
  4. This will have a huge impact on knowledge workers... With the Excel example alone, we see how this could have an impact on knowledge work. Marketers spend hours alone on simply trying to get insights out of data across Excel, BI tools, or marketing platforms like HubSpot. AI plugins that “use” common knowledge work tools on your behalf are becoming common—we’re seeing Microsoft and Google bake AI right into their productivity suites. “You start to see how all of the things that the average knowledge worker does is going to be assisted in a really efficient way,” says Roetzer.
  5. …and on marketers. Take this a step further and imagine the power of connecting this type of AI to your social media platform, your CRM, your email platform, or any of the other marketing tools you use every day. “Now you can not only extract information in real-time based on a prompt or question, but it can take action on your behalf,” says Roetzer.
  6. And it’ll happen this year. “It’s not like there’s some technological breakthrough that has to occur for the average knowledge worker to have access to this technology,” says Roetzer. Existing capabilities just need to be turned on in existing platforms. He expects hundreds or thousands of ChatGPT plugins alone by the end of the year.
  7. We’re not ready. The productivity gains alone will impact employment. Roetzer is optimistic about the long-term impact of AI on the workplace and business. But in the short-term, “knowledge work jobs are in trouble,” he says.
  8. You must accept AI is coming for knowledge work and take action. “We have to be very realistic that this is a very tangible technology that is going to be infused into our daily workflows and processes, whether we want it or not,” says Roetzer. The safest bet is to move forward under the assumption that knowledge work is going to be transformed in the very near future, and start taking steps to evolve your skills and career.

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