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Top 10 Marketing AI Posts of 2018

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We’ve seen a lot of AI advances in the past year.

Google Smart Compose moved beyond recommending “Thank You” in an email response to fine tuning the technology that drafts lengthy pieces of text.

Undergraduate degrees in AI are now offered by Carnegie Mellon, the first to unveil this type of curriculum.

And we’ve seen predictions that AI will be as impactful as the steam engine.  

Yet, we’re still in the infancy of AI adoption.

With all the AI hype throughout 2018, what information did marketers find the most valuable? We’ve rounded up the top 10 most-viewed posts from the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute to determine what made the biggest impact this year.

1) 17 Artificial Intelligence Courses to Take Online

This was one of the most actionable posts of 2018, serving up 17 courses for both non-technical and code-savvy marketers alike. Courses mentioned are available from Udemy, Coursera, EdX, and Udacity.

Interested? Explore the courses here.

>>> Master online courses from the best experts in the field: 3 Free Online AI Courses Taught by Google and Stanford Experts.

2) 6 Top Marketing and Sales Companies Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Wonder which marketing and sales companies to watch in artificial intelligence? This list has you covered. These are the firms that cracked CB Insights’ 2018 AI 100 List.

3) 6 Artificial Intelligence Tools to Plan Your Next Content Strategy

AI-powered tools can help you create content strategies that are actually backed by data, not gut instinct, in a fraction of the time—and at scale. Some of our favorite tools are made by HubSpot, CONCURED, BrightEdge, Crayon, MarketMuse, and Acrolinx.

Want to learn more about these tools? Read the complete post.

4) How Search Engines Use Artificial Intelligence

Search engines updated their algorithms and use AI to separate the high-quality content from the low-quality spam. We suspect that as AI progresses, it will completely take over this responsibility and remove the need for human quality raters entirely.

If you want more detail on how search engines use NLP and image recognition to identify search queries, read the full article here.

5) 9 Ways to Become a Marketing Artificial Intelligence Pioneer

No matter how you look at it, we are in the infancy of AI adoption, meaning you and your organization have the opportunity now to be proactive in advancing knowledge and capabilities before your competitors beat you to it.

Take the first step towards becoming a marketing AI pioneer with this post

6) 4 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence for Lead Generation, Qualification, and Conversion

Some AI can use your marketing data to tell you more about your prospects and customers. Others use that data to find new prospects or recommend existing leads to pursue.

For a look at some useful AI marketing tools designed to find you more and better leads, read this post.

7) The Beginner’s Guide to Using Natural Language Generation to Scale Content Marketing

Natural language generation (NLG) is a type of AI technology that is used by companies like the Associated Press to scale content creation. With the right data and a properly configured NLG template, you can leave some types of content creation to the machines while humans create other types of content and double down on promotion.

If you’re ready to apply AI technologies to your content marketing efforts, this post is for you.

8) How to Make Blogging Easier with Artificial Intelligence

AI and related technologies can vastly simplify your blogging efforts. AI has the potential to augment human writers, enhance content strategy and identify areas of improvement. AI could even write part of that next blog post for you.

Discover tactics and tools that can amplify your blogging efforts here.

9) 42+ Artificial Intelligence Tools for Marketers

Want to start implementing AI into your marketing tool kit today? Discover 42+ tools you can add to your marketing mix.  

Whether you want tools to help with planning, production, personalization, promotion or performance, there’s a potential vendor match in this list.

10) Report: Top 25 Use Cases for Marketing Artificial Intelligence

How much will artificial intelligence (AI) impact your job as a marketer in the next two years? Probably way more than you think.

Using our AI Score for Marketers assessment tool, we’ve asked hundreds of marketing professionals to rate the value of intelligently automating more than 60 common AI use cases.

Find out which 25 uses cases are perceived as the most valuable in this post.

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